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DBD teases big anniversary broadcast showing off new chapter

Dead by Daylight is turning eight and will be showing off a ton of new things, already teasing a few bits and pieces that are incoming.

DBD teases big anniversary broadcast showing off new chapter: A selection of skulls from the DBD anniversary event art.

It seems like just yesterday that a fledgling little multiplayer horror game was getting released. Time does certainly fly when you’re running away from some killer intent on turning you from living meat to hooked meat. With almost eight years under its belt, Dead by Daylight is nearing its next anniversary and developer Behaviour Interactive has released a teaser about what we can expect to land in the game over the next year.

Typically cagey but willing to share a few hints and teases, the next Dead by Daylight livestream is coming soon and as always with the horror game, there’s plenty on the horizon. First up we have some clues to an upcoming chapter which may launch in June. Strongly suspected to include a new killer, with a skull appearing on anniversary art wearing a helmet reminiscent of the upcoming single-player spinoff The Casting of Frank Stone, it looks likely that this will at least tie into this next game in the DBD universe.

The anniversary broadcast will also give fans a rough look at the year to come, as the year nine roadmap will be unveiled. Previous roadmaps have been adhered to with surprising accuracy, so we should know what shape 2024-2025 will have very soon. Gameplay improvements are on the cards, along with details of the anniversary event that will be hitting the game shortly. All this follows in the wake of an increasingly troubled time for the game, so we may expect Behaviour Interactive to throw everything including the kitchen sink at the next year in an effort to win back some of the waning sentiment DBD has experienced over recent months.

The theater added to Dead by Daylight in the most recent chapter.

Earlier this week the latest hotfix patch was released which introduced a controversial change to the killer perk Ultimate Weapon and also promised to include fixes for rubber-banding and stuttering issues that have been plaguing the game. It seems that these issues may continue, however, as many on Steam forums and the DBD subreddit have confirmed that performance problems have persisted past the introduction of the proposed fixes.

That said, more content is something the fanbase can always get behind with new killers, perks, maps, and more being nothing to be sniffed at. With recent chapters including innovative killers like Chucky to new perk styles like invocations, there’s plenty of evidence that there’s still life in this terrifying old dog.

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The Dead by Daylight anniversary broadcast will be live from Tuesday May 14 at 8am PDT / 11am EST / 4pm BST / 5pm CEST.

Until then, enhance your journey with our guide to all the current DBD codes you can input into the game for a little extra. If you’d like to see who’s the best of the best, our DBD killer tier list will let you know who to play as and who to avoid.

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