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New Dead by Daylight mode has proved so popular it just got extended

Chaos Shuffle is a modifier for DBD and it was supposed to end but a sudden extension is bringing the shuffle to even more players.

New Dead by Daylight mode has proved so popular it just got extended: The Oni from Dead by Daylight stands in front of the Hawkins National Laboratory map.

There’s been a recent experimental slant to Dead by Daylight. Developer Behaviour Interactive has been trying new things, with the game changing in new, surprising ways. We’ve seen new mechanics, killers and survivors that don’t work like anyone else, and even some modifiers that change up how the game’s played. The most recent of these, Chaos Shuffle, was meant to end today, but that’s all just changed.

There have been a couple modifiers added to the multiplayer game for temporary events in the last few months. The first Dead by Daylight modifier was Lights Out, a pitch black twist on the game which meant everything became a jump scare. Then we had My Little Oni around April Fool’s Day, a fun romp that made all survivors tiny and the sole killer massive. The newest modifier is Chaos Shuffle and as you can guess by the name it contains a lot of chaos and a fair amount of shuffling.

The way it works is by almost completely eliminating the loadout portion segment of the game. Instead of choosing your killer or survivor perks when starting a trial, the game will shuffle them and deal you four, giving you no idea what you’ve got. This modifier not only makes every game different, it’s a great learning experience as you’ll encounter perks you’ve never heard of before.

A tweet from the official Dead by Daylight account confirming the extension of Chaos Shuffle.

If all that sounds like a recipe for success then you’d be right. In the week since it launched, 18 million games have been started. The game’s subreddit is filled with people praising the mode, hoping that it’ll become permanent. There’s plenty of complaints too, but that’s forever the way in any game subreddit. Originally the mode was meant to end today but a new post from developer Behaviour Interactive on X, formerly Twitter, has announced that the modifier will be extended.

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This means that Chaos Shuffle will run until Monday, June 3, at 8am PDT / 11am EDT / 4pm BST / 5pm CEST. While modifiers, modes, and events have been extended before, it’s always been because of an issue that prevented players from taking part. This is the first time an event has been extended thanks to simple enjoyment.

You can take part in the Chaos Shuffle modifier now, if you’d like to know what to play our Dead by Daylight killer tier list will see you selecting the right choice. Or you can take a peek at all current DBD codes, for a few extra bits and pieces for free.

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