Dead by Daylight Season 25 trailer defies death, and devs don’t care

Dead By Daylight Season 25 adds some of Resident Evil's most famous faces to the horror game's cast, but players were quick to point out issues with the trailer

dead by daylight chapter 25 trailer chapter 20 meg thomas runs from resident evil nemesis

Dead by Daylight Season 25 is entitled “Project W,” and centers around Resident Evil’s Ada Wong, Rebecca Chambers and, of course, Wesker himself. While the new trailer introduced our new DBD killer in style, some noticed a few inconsistencies with a previous cinematic, prompting a response from Behaviour Interactive.

Resident Evil returns to Dead by Daylight in style, adding yet another round of fully licensed characters to Behaviour Interactive’s asymmetric horror game.

With Leon Scott Kennedy and Jill Valentine being added in Episode 20 alongside the infamous Nemesis, we see Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers join the Survivor roster, while Albert Wesker appears as the new Killer.

As players edged ever closer to the edge of their seats during the Chapter 25 trailer, some noticed that there’s a pretty major inconsistency between the previous series of cinematics and the new teaser.

Reddit were quick to pick up on the fact that, in the Chapter 20 trailer starring Meg Thomas and Nemesis, the twisted creature throws her against a flaming car after choking her. Later on, Raccoon city’s finest, Leon, checks her pulse and shakes his head, implying that she succumbed to her injuries.

The Season 25 trailer, however, shows Rebecca carrying an injured (but very much not dead) Meg into the Raccoon City police station, where Ada helps them escape from Wesker.

“Leon, how are you so incompetent?” jokes one fan, while another asks on the official announcement tweet “didn’t Meg die in the last cutscene?”

Behaviour promptly responded with a quip of their own, writing “years of panic-sprinting full speed into trees have hardened her skull to the point where she survived the impact,” referring to the fact that the character’s whole identity is about living fast (and, well, dropping dead).

“So what I’m getting out of this is that Leon doesn’t actually know how to check a pulse and just hoped he looked like he knew what he was doing” replies one, while another asks “can I teach myself to do this?”

We expect Dead By Daylight Chapter 25: Project W to be unleashed in early August, but Behaviour Interactive also announced a plethora of new games in tandem with the next instalment of the DBD story. Check out our breakdown of the mysterious Project S, and out Meet Your Maker gameplay preview.