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DBD cross progression and crossplay explained

Dead by Daylight crossplay and cross progression is a hot topic, so we dig deeper into how you and friends can play across platforms.

DBD cross progression: Dwight, Claudete, Meg, and Jake stand next to each other looking tensely towards something behind the camera.

Does Dead by Daylight have cross progression? There are two main questions players ask when a game is available on multiple platforms: “Can I play with friends on other platforms?” and “Can I access my save data on multiple platforms?” Known as crossplay and cross progression, these are two of the most important online features, especially in multiplayer games.

Dead by Daylight is one such game, and if you have ever seen a single post or livestream from the devs, you’ll surely know that the many of the comments, even with no relation to the original post, are about the availability of these features in the horror game. So, we take a look right here at the availability of both DBD cross progression and crossplay.

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Dead by Daylight cross progression

Dead by Daylight does not currently allow cross platform progress, but the oft-requested feature is confirmed for Summer 2024, revealed during an anniversary broadcast on May 14.

The ability to play DBD across different platforms and take your characters, Bloodpoints, and other progress with you has been a feature demanded by fans for years. Its omission is surprising in this day and age, especially given that the game is available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

In recent years, the developer has often just said that it has no news on the subject, but during the eighth anniversary livestream on May 14, 2024, DBD cross progression was finally confirmed. Little more information was given than an expected date for “later this Summer”, but more will be revealed in the coming weeks. Note that this doesn’t include Dead by Daylight Mobile, as that counts as a separate game.

DBD crossplay: Nea and Kate run from a game together.

Dead by Daylight crossplay

Dead by Daylight does have crossplay enabled as standard, so your lobbies can include players across Steam, Epic Games, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch. DBD crossplay can be disabled in the Online section of the game’s settings.

This feature was added to the game in 2020, following the release of next-gen consoles. As crossplay is linked to platform, turning it off on Steam prevents you from playing with other PC players on Epic Games, as well as those on console. As with cross progression, crossplay on the main game doesn’t include those playing on mobile, as DBD Mobile is a separate game.

So, as it stands, you can play Dead by Daylight with your friends on other platforms thanks to crossplay, but we’re still waiting on cross progression. While you wait, make sure your main account has all the latest free cosmetic items with the newest DBD codes and DBD Twitch drops, and check out which of the DBD killers is currently the strongest.