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Dead by Daylight’s new collab is with the greatest Metroidvania ever

There are some pretty awesome Dead by Daylight collaborations, but an upcoming DBD chapter crosses over with the best Metroidvania ever.

Dead by Daylight's new collab is with the greatest Metroidvania ever: A silver haired man with a goatee wearing a black and red cloak stands on a dreary library background

Dead by Daylight has been killing (ha ha) the collaboration game. This time last year BHVR added Hollywood icon Nick Cage to the fray, followed by Alien’s vicious Xenomorph and heroine Ellen Ripley. Then, there was the Iron Maiden and Slipknot collaboration – perfect for someone who collects cosmetics as furiously as I do. Honestly, I didn’t think there was anything that could top all of that – except a Diablo collab – but a sneak preview of one of DBD’s upcoming chapters has me on the edge of my seat all over again.

While Dead by Daylight‘s upcoming Dungeons and Dragons-themed chapter is pretty cool, it’s the sneaky little teaser bolted onto the end of the horror game‘s eighth anniversary broadcast that has my spine tingling.

The blood moon hangs high above the spires of a somewhat familiar castle, its pointed turrets piercing the eerie red light, rising high above the withered forest below. A caped figure emerges from eerie ruby fog, raising a hand before dissolving into a swarm of screeching bats. It is, of course, Castlevania, and that figure is, most likely, Dracula. I genuinely gasped.

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Perhaps its a trick of the light, but it looks like we’re seeing Symphony of the Night Vlad versus the dark-haired bloodsucker we’ve become so familiar with on Netflix, which I am very okay with – although, as a fellow Scot, Graham McTavish’s voice never goes amiss.

More importantly, however, Dracula will be DBD’s first ever vampire killer. As someone who is a little too obsessed with vampires, I’ve been hoping BHVR would add a creature of the night to the Dead by Daylight killer roster – I naturally play survivor because I’ve never quite mastered killer, but now, that’s all about to change.

Speaking of survivors, though, none are confirmed (and we might not even get any), but Alucard, Sypha, and Trevor would be perfect additions to the roster (Sypha is an all-time favorite of mine). If we’re pulling from the entire timeline, even give me Saint Germain – we need Bill Nighy in DBD.

The trailer says that we’ll learn more about Dead by Daylight X Castlevania on Tuesday August 6. Until then, we’ll have to sharpen our stakes and prepare for the chaos that will, undoubtedly, ensue.

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