The real winner of the Dead By Daylight Nic Cage update isn’t Nic Cage

Nicolas Cage is in Dead By Daylight now, it's official, but it turns out the iconic actor isn't the star of the latest DBD chapter; it's DBD's worst killer.

A woman with long black hair covering her face crawls out of a well with bloody hands and broken nails lying on the floor

So why is Nic Cage in Dead By Daylight? Honestly, who knows, but it’s kind of iconic. As horror game enthusiasts from across every region of The Fog finally get their hands on the character and feel the unbearable weight of massive talent for themselves, it seems his DBD arrival has been eclipsed by a much older, much creepier foe who has cast the shadows aside after months of relative silence.

The character in question is Sadako, or The Onryō as she’s known in-game. Despite her never-ending thirst for vengeance, the creepy spirit has remained at the bottom end of the Dead By Daylight killer tier list, plagued by an underpowered kit and somewhat useless Projection mechanic.

Well, not anymore. Sadako is on the rise (see what I did there?) following a series of hefty buffs in DBD patch 7.1.0, propelling herself from the bottom of the table to the top almost overnight.

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Among the buffs are much-needed changes to her Projection. The cooldown of a ‘used’ TV has now been reduced to 45 seconds, which is a lot shorter than 100. The huge change, however, is to her Condemnation stacks, which now stack by three quarters every time Sadako jumps to a TV and have no radius. Yes, you heard that right, wherever you are on the map, you’ll be affected.

Those two in tandem are pretty scary, but add on the fact that, if you’re carrying a Cursed Tape and get hit by Sadako during a chase, you’re immediately hit with two more Condemnation stacks. Just… ouch.

Discussing the character on the Dead by Daylight subreddit, one player writes “I thought Sadako was trash with new changes but after playing her a little I’m reconsidering,” referencing a tweet from DBD streamer Hens ‘HensDBD’ calling her “A tier.” Another has even written a step-by-step guide to counter the character, because doing so feels “complex” post-update.

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As someone who loves Sadako and her lore, I am very, very happy to see that she’s viable again. I loved playing her when she first dropped, but she’s been a real struggle lately – especially when there are killers like The Nurse out there just waiting to cause chaos. Well, now I have everything I want – my favorite killer is back, and there’s Nic F**cking Cage. Life (or death) is good.

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