You’ll finally be able to finish DBD’s new community challenges

If you've been struggling to complete your portion of the community challenge in Dead By Daylight's Twisted Masquerade event, DBD dev BHVR is on the case.

You'll finally be able to finish DBD's new community challenges: A woman with black hair with a blue fringe wearing a golden masquerade mask stares into the camera wearing a blue scarf

As the newest Dead by Daylight event, Twisted Masquerade, continues to see The Entity fed and The Fog soaked in blood, players have been struggling to complete the horror game‘s rather difficult Community Challenges. Thankfully, BHVR has heard our pleas for help and has cut down the remains goals to ensure you can snag some of DBD‘s new rewards.

I have been grinding my way through the DBD anniversary event, but despite my hard work I’ve struggled to really contribute to the overarching community goals. As someone who can only jump in for a few games at a time, I haven’t been able to complete a few of the tasks (Salvation or Sacrifice specifically), and feel like I’ve not really done much to help.

Generally, the community agrees with me, with one comment on the game’s subreddit reading “this one was way too much and too hard, and you could contribute too little.” Thankfully, BHVR has confirmed that it has changed up the remaining community goals, meaning more people should be able to complete them.

“Slow dance over, let’s get this party moving!” they write, attaching a GIF of the gorgeous slow dancing couple featured in the event’s trailer. “We have adjusted the remaining community challenge goals to help ensure that nobody leaves the masquerade empty handed.”

A comment from Dead by Daylight's Twitter stating that the community goals for the Twisted Masquerade event have been lowered

Community Challenges are one of my favorite things about Dead by Daylight – and indeed any game that implements them. It’s exciting to work together to achieve something and watch that bar fill up, but it’s obviously something that BHVR is still refining.

The devs have had to alter last year’s iteration because it was just too hard, so it’s clear they’re trying to strike the balance between difficult and too difficult. However, they are listening and are making changes where they are needed, and that in itself is worth celebrating.

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