DBD Anniversary 2023 start time, Twisted Masquerade rewards, and more

The Dead by Daylight anniversary event 2023 is upon us and your Twisted Masquerade invitation should arrive any day, so here are the year seven event details.

Two hands, one with blue fingernails and one covered in in blue metallic jewelry, clutch a luxurious blue and gold masquerade mask to celebrate the DBD anniversary event: Twisted Masquerade.

When is the Dead by Daylight anniversary event 2023? Every year, to celebrate the original release date of the asymmetrical horror game, players are invited to a very twisted masquerade. This year is no different, and the annual DBD anniversary event is back this June.

During the Dead by Daylight 7th anniversary livestream, we received the news that we were all expecting: the Twisted Masquerade anniversary event would be returning to the horror game once again. In celebration of the game’s birthday, new daily login rewards and event cosmetics will be made available for a limited time for both Dead by Daylight killers and survivor mains. If you can’t wait for those freebies, then make sure you’ve redeemed all of the current DBD codes, but read on for more details on the DBD anniversary event rewards, start time, and more.

Two hands clutch a blue and gold masquerade mask, and text reads "Dead by Daylight 7th anniversary Twisted Masquerade in-game event".

DBD 7th anniversary event start time

The Dead by Daylight 7th anniversary event begins on June 22, 2023, at 8am PDT / 11am EDT/ 4pm BST following a month of “Before the Masquerade” celebrations. There’s no update to download, and just restarting the game should trigger the event if you’re not seeing it automatically.

For the last few weeks, players had the chance to revisit maps, cosmetics, and more from previous years. Following a Community Choice vote, the final round of celebrations before the main event is currently offering players double XP and sees boosted rates for the following maps:

  • Coal Tower
  • The Game
  • Dead Dawg Saloon
  • Ironworks of Misery
  • Mount Ormond Resort
  • Gas Heaven
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Dead by Daylight Twisted Masquerade invites

Twisted Masquerade invitations are back this year but with a twist. As you might remember if you played last year’s event, invitations spawn on totems across the map, can be interacted with to collect them, and then you must escape the trial (or just complete the trial as a killer) to collect masks and rewards.

This year is no different, aside from the fact that there’s an additional use to the invitations this time around. Survivors will be able to use their invitation “charge” to mess with killers, blocking windows or generating new pallets nearby. Killers, meanwhile, can use charges to break a pallet or wall from a distance or reduce the effects of a stun. That’s not all, as killers holding invitations also inflict the exposed status on survivors during Bloodlust – an effect which occurs during a prolonged chase – so you survivors better watch your backs. To gain your cosmetic, you must have a charge on you when you exit the trial, so you must choose whether you’d rather use your invitation to mess with your foe, or collect a new item.

The twelve Dead by Daylight masks that are available to collect during the 2023 DBD anniversary event.

Twisted Masquerade cosmetics and rewards

Upon exiting a trial with an available charge, you receive one of twelve new masks for some of your favorite Dead by Daylight characters, featuring the same stunning blue and gold details from last year.

Here are the DBD characters you can unlock Twisted Masquerade masks for:

  • Felix Richter
  • Gabriel Soma
  • Jeff Johansen
  • Jonah Vasquez
  • Meg Thomas
  • Zarina Kassir
  • The Blight
  • The Knight
  • The Legion
  • The Nurse
  • The Oni
  • The Singularity

While we wait for these awesome cosmetics and more to become available on the DBD anniversary event release date, you can already log in every day for gilded legacy outfits from years passed, including Claudette’s Science Kit and David King’s Mancunian Fighter outfit.

Event tome

Speaking of new masks and outfits, there will again be a new event tome, filled with personal and community challenges to complete for rewards like cosmetics and Bloodpoints. Nea and The Hillbilly both have new unlockable outfits that are obtained by participating in community challenges and working your way through the tome. Lovable horse Maurice also stars in this year’s event tome as one of a selection of new charms.

Random perks

Some of the event challenges this year feature a new mechanic: random perks. You will be able to roll the dice on your perk loadout and must complete the challenge with these perks. Perhaps you’ll discover your new favorite perk!

There’s so much going on in Dead by Daylight right now as we wait for this year’s DBD anniversary event, with the latest chapter, End Transmission, out now. As with any DBD update, there are issues, and this time, The Mastermind is no longer playable. Behaviour’s 7th anniversary livestream wasn’t without other incredible announcements either, so if you missed it, catch up on the arrival of none other than Nic Cage in DBD, and some other cool Dead by Daylight collabs as the horror game goes metal with some superbly appropriate cosmetic crossovers.