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Dead by Daylight gets new DLC packs, cuts character prices in half

Behaviour Interactive reveals its new Dead by Daylight Gold Edition as well as economical DLC packs that bundle paid DBD content together.

Dead by Daylight DLC packs: Red-haired Chucky doll behind prison-like bars tainted by rust, holding a butcher's knife menacingly

Dead by Daylight is massive, with years of content updates and paid expansions under its belt. Behaviour Interactive regularly releases new characters, features, and fun tidbits. Players looking for a free-to-play experience may become overwhelmed as the developer steadily drops such DLC, which has prompted Behaviour to announce its brand-new Gold Edition, a version of the survival-horror game that makes most of its content accessible in a cheaper bundle.

That’s not all, though. Dead by Daylight is also getting new DLC packs that act similarly, bundling different Chapters together for a discounted price. The horror game‘s Gold Edition includes all three of these DLC packs, offering good entry access to a diverse roster of original killers and survivors with a far less obstructive paywall in place. Each pack costs just $19.99.

There’s the Maddening Darkness Pack, which includes Curtain Call, Of Flesh and Mud, Shattered Bloodline, and Spark of Madness. The Old Wounds pack includes Chains of Hate, Cursed Legacy, Darkness Among Us, and Demise of the Faithful. The final pack is Macabre Tales, and it comes with A Binding of Kin, All-Kill, Descend Beyond, and Hour of the Witch.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to buy any of the Chapters contained within the packs separately anymore, but you’ve got some time to take advantage of sales before then to complete your collection. Each DLC pack drops on Monday, January 8, along with the new Gold Edition. After this date, you’ll only be able to buy the individual DLC characters from the in-game store.

Dead by Daylight developer's Twitter post revealing the new DLC packs

There’s even more good news though. At the turn of the year on the new packs’ big launch date, a variety of original survivors and killers get a permanent half-off price reduction. These characters will cost a whopping 50% less than they did previously in the in-game store, pricing them at just 250 Auric Cells or 4,500 Iridescent Shards.

This is massive for fans. The often grueling grind to snag some of the higher-tier DBD characters and subsequently their important prestige perks is effectively cut in half with these upcoming price changes. 4,500 is far less than 9,000, and the currencies affected are all in-game which means you don’t actually need to pay a dime to build up your collection of killers and survivors.

The community is largely excited to see it all come to fruition, which you can see in a recent Reddit thread. Both newcomers and longtime players alike look forward to the positive changes, with some commenters calling it “huge” while others simply thank Behaviour for the “cool news.” You can check through the dev’s detailed article on the coming packs, price reductions, and more to see why everyone’s so hyped.

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