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Dead by Daylight’s new interactive DnD adventure asks for your vote

DBD’s latest Dungeons and Dragons tie in is an adventure set over social media, where you’ll vote to choose how the campaign proceeds.

Dead by Daylight’s new interactive DnD adventure asks for your vote: The two bards from the new DBD DnD chapter explore a cave together.

One of the most surprising things about the recent Dungeons and Dragons announcement for Dead by Daylight is how much the game embraces the tabletop RPG. Vecna’s upcoming chapter isn’t just a new map, survivor, killer, and a bag of perks. Rolling d20s, equipping loot, and a ton of easter eggs are all coming to the game, making it almost feel like a dark twist on a DnD campaign.

Now even the Dead by Daylight X account, formerly known as Twitter, has joined in. The horror game has launched a brand new interactive adventure that takes the form of a DnD campaign. Set in the Entity’s Realm in DBD, players find themselves lost in the endless fog, before landing in the new Forgotten Ruins map.

At critical junctures, the campaign asks players to vote on what to do next. At the time of writing the first vote is live as players explore a mystical alchemy lab with a mysterious portal ahead of them. The three options players can choose from are:

  • Detect magic once inside
  • Wisdom check once inside
  • Charge in

A screenshot of the first tweet in the DBD DnD interactive adventure.

Understandably given the creepy nature of the surroundings, detect magic is winning with 42% of the vote with charging in bringing up the rear. As with the chapter itself, developer Behaviour Interactive is showing off that it has done its research as all three options reference real abilities from Dungeons and Dragons. That said it is a little galling to this fighter fan to see charging in not to be more popular, with wizardly actions taking the forefront in the vote.

The DnD chapter is live for players to test on the game’s Public Test Build, with new killer Vecna getting put through his paces. Feedback from fans at the moment is that despite having a ton of abilities the lich feels a little weak with some spells having limited use. On the survivor side, the new bardic characters are reportedly incredibly fun to play. So while they may not be competitive right now, who cares when you can strum a lute in the middle of the action.

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The Dead by Daylight DnD chapter will launch on Monday, June 3. If you’d like to join in with the current interactive adventure, you can do so over on the official DBD X account.

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