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DBD reveals hotly anticipated DnD chapter and it’s coming soon

Dungeons and Dragons is finally coming to Dead by Daylight with a brand new teaser trailer showing off some caged eyeball action.

DBD reveals hotly anticipated DnD chapter and it's coming soon: The Demogorgon rears up in front of Hawkins Laboratory in Dead by Daylight.

The speculation over which characters or properties will enter the fog in Dead by Daylight has always been fertile ground for fans of the game. With recent chapters unveiling killers previously thought impossible to integrate like Chucky from Child’s Play or the Alien from, well, Alien, the doors have been flung open to new possibilities. Now, a new chapter has been teased, and it’s one fans have been requesting for a long time.

Dungeons and Dragons has been one of those properties that has been tossed around in Dead by Daylight theories for years. With a huge wealth of characters, concepts, and creatures to choose from, it always seemed like the issue was how to start winnowing the choice down for inclusion in the horror game. Well, that decision has finally been made, as today developer Behaviour Interactive has revealed that DnD is finally coming to DBD.

The only information we have right now is confirmation of the tie-in, with a short teaser trailer showing a barred archway presumably in a dungeon. Behind it, out of the dark, looms what appears to be a beholder, one of the most iconic creatures found in the DnD bestiary. If the new killer for this chapter turns out to be a floating meatball covered in eyestalks I will eat my wizard hat, but stranger things have happened before.

Of course this isn’t the first time Dungeons and Dragons has appeared in the game, though it was always a bit of a reference rather than a direct inclusion. The Demogorgon from the recently-returned Stranger Things chapter is named after one of the monsters found in Faerûn, so the legendary tabletop RPG has been dancing around the edges of the Dead by Daylight for a while now.

More information on this new chapter as well as everything else planned for the next year of the game is coming in the Dead by Daylight anniversary stream, which you can watch on Tuesday May 14 at 8am PDT / 11am EST / 4pm BST / 5pm CEST.

This all follows on from the recently released developer update for the game, which shows some of the changes Behaviour Interactive is planning on introducing into Dead by Daylight with the next patch. So far, fan reaction is mixed, with some big nerfs coming to generator regression effects potentially marking the end of the dominance of perks like Pop Goes the Weasel and Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance. You can check out the full list of changes on the DBD site.

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