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Dead by Daylight’s Alien crossover comes with Ellen Ripley, new map

The Dead by Daylight Alien chapter has a release date, as it confirms not just the Xenomorph killer, but a new map and the Ellen Ripley survivor.

Dead by Daylight Ellen Ripley Alien: a woman with curly brown hair, looking off to her left

The Dead by Daylight Alien crossover now has a release date, as the horror game also reveals the map and survivor for the update, too. To the delight of us all, I’m sure, Ellen Ripley has been confirmed as the survivor for the Alien chapter of DBD, with more to come in Dead by Daylight as well.

After a Dead by Daylight Alien teaser gave us a look at the Xenomorph and not much else, we’ve now got a full breakdown of the Xenomorph killer, Ellen Ripley survivor, and brand new Nostromo map coming to DBD. All of this is set to arrive on Tuesday, August 29.

First up is the Xenomorph killer, with killer power Hidden Pursuit letting the Alien use a control station (with seven on the map) to access hidden tunnels and see nearby survivors. Using these tunnels also cools down the Runner Mode special ability, and exiting a control station tags all nearby survivors.

When discussing the new tunnel systems, game designer Janick Neveu says “creating the Xenomorph’s Tunnel system was very challenging as we had never created a sub-level that could only be accessible to the killer. This new mechanic grants it map-wide mobility and definitely amps up the scare factor – which feels very connected to the original character.”

Runner Mode is always active unless on cooldown, and it sees the Xenomorph run on all fours and is much stealthier, reducing its terror radius, and having access to the tail attack. There are also Remote Flame Turrets that can detect and damage the Xenomorph, bringing it out of runner mode.

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Xenomorph Perks in DBD

  • Ultimate Weapon – When you open a locker, this perk activates for 30 seconds. Survivors entering your Terror Radius scream and reveal their position and gain Blindness for 30 seconds. This perk then goes on cooldown for 40/35/30 seconds.
  • Rapid Brutality – You can no longer gain Bloodlust. Hitting a Survivor with a basic attack gives you 5% haste for 8/9/10 seconds.
  • Alien Instinct – This perk activates when you hook a Survivor. You see the aura of the farthest injured Survivor for 5 seconds and that Survivor is oblivious for 16/18/20 seconds.

To the delight of many I’m sure, Ellen Ripley has also been confirmed for DBD with the Alien update (alongside Dead by Daylight killer updates) and has three unique perks you can access.

Ellen Ripley DBD Perks

  • Lucky Star – When you hide in a locker, this perk activates. You leave no pools of blood and make no grunts of pain for 10 seconds. When you exit the locker, you see other survivors and the closest generator’s aura in yellow for 10 seconds. This perk then goes on cooldown for 40/35/30 seconds.
  • Chemical Trap – After completing 70%/60%/50% progress on any generator, this perk activates. While standing next to a dropped pallet, press the Active Ability Button 2 to install a Trap, which stays active for 100/110/120 seconds. The aura of trapped pallets are revealed in yellow to all Survivors. When the Killer performs the break action on the trapped pallet, the trap explodes, and they are slowed by 50% for 4 seconds.
  • Light Footed – When you are healthy, this perk activates. Your running footsteps are silent. This perk goes on cool-down for 28/24/20 seconds after doing a rushed action.

There’s also the brand new Nostromo Wreckage map, too, which you can see in the Dead by Daylight Alien trailer.

While you wait for the Alien update in DBD, we’ve got all the Dead by Daylight codes you’ll ever need alongside the very best multiplayer games currently available on PC right now.