Dead by Daylight becomes a free game in time for Halloween horror

Dead by Daylight will become a free game just in time for some Halloween multiplayer horror as BHVR announces a new Tome, memories, and Oni and Wesker skins

Dead by Daylight becomes a free game in time for Halloween horror: Dead by Daylight killer Wesker from Resident Evil

Dead by Daylight will become a free game to mark Halloween weekend, as the multiplayer horror gets a spooky update from BHVR adding new mechanics, a new Tome, memories for Ghost Face and Mikaela, and fresh skins for Oni and Wesker.

From October 27 to November 1, Dead by Daylight will be free to play, allowing anyone and everyone to log in, try to escape, and probably get slaughtered in the ideal tribute to Halloween weekend. The overall Haunted by Daylight event, however, lasts a lot longer – October 13 to November 3 – and introduces a host of small and large changes to the definitive multiplayer horror.

First up, Tome 13, named Malevolence, unveils new memories for both Ghost Face and survivor Mikaela Reid. There are also new outfits for both survivors and killers coming in both the new Trick and Treats Collection and Hallowed Blight Collection, which will be available October 11 to November 3.

The Trick and Treats Collection adds outfits for the survivors Jane and Dwight, whereas the Blight Collection transforms The Oni and Wesker into glowing, Blight-infested monstrosities, as if the Dead by Daylight killers weren’t scary enough already. The former Midnight Grove Collection will also make a comeback, with outfits for Mikaela and The Doctor.

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Throughout the event, there will also be an additional mechanic and gameplay challenge added to DBD, where survivors will have to locate and collect “void energy”. Daily login rewards will also be available, and the entire interface will be redecorated with pumpkins, fog, and other eerie paraphernalia, so that’s fun. The news comes as beloved battle royale game PUBG announces a Halloween crossover with Dead by Daylight, alongside rumours of an upcoming collaboration between DBD and – of all games – Ubisoft’s action-adventure For Honor.

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