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PUBG is now a horror game, can be used to play Dead by Daylight

PUBG, the battle royale FPS from Krafton, is transforming into a horror game that can be used to play the BHVR asymmetrical hit Dead by Daylight

PUBG is now a horror game, can be used to play Dead by Daylight: The Trickster, one of the Dead by Daylight killers

PUBG, the battle royale FPS and staunch rival of Warzone and Fortnite, is transforming into a horror game that can be weirdly used to play BHVR’s asymmetrical multiplayer hit Dead by Daylight, in a new Halloween crossover announced by Krafton.

From October 21 to November 7, PUBG players can access an exclusive, limited-time web event from the main lobby banner, that will thrust them into the deadly game of cat-and-mouse that has become Dead by Daylight’s trademark. There will be three survivors and one killer, and PUBG players will have to run and hide to repair generators, open the exit gate, and escape, just like DBD. Completing this mode once earns you an outfit code that you can redeem in Dead by Daylight itself, whereas completing it ten times gives you a mask for PUBG designed after the DBD killer The Nurse.

Other cosmetic rewards are available throughout the collaboration, including four masks, four costumes, backpack and pan skins, and an exclusive nameplate. You can start earning these from October 19 right up until December 9. It makes sense – PUBG and Dead by Daylight are renowned for their outfits, cosmetics, and customisables. But it also doesn’t make sense – Dead by Daylight and PUBG? That’s a strange crossover. Hopefully, though, it will make for good fun during the spooky season, and even then, you might argue that the rumoured Dead by Daylight and For Honor crossover is even stranger.

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