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One of Dead by Daylight’s most chaotic features might be coming back

Chaos and Dead by Daylight go hand in hand, but if a new DBD AMA is anything to go by, it looks like Behaviour may be bringing back the perk randomizer.

One of Dead by Daylight's most chaotic features might be coming back: A woman with curly brown hair frowns bathed in red light in a spaceship corridor raising a hand

Dead by Daylight perks will make or break your experience – especially given just how powerful The Xenomorph is looking on the PTB right now. If you’re a bit of a masochist, you can randomize your DBD perks using various different websites, which normally goes just as badly as you might expect. For those of you who thrive on the chaos, though, developer Behaviour Interactive has hinted that the horror game‘s own perk randomizer may make an exciting reappearance in the future.

During a Wednesday September 9 Reddit AMA, one player asked whether or not the perk randomizer we’ve seen pop up in past event tomes will ever return to the game, and whether or not it would become a permeant feature.

“Are there any plans on adding the perk randomizer we had for a tome challenge in the past as a permanent feature?” one player asks. “I had a lot of fun trying to get value out of a randomized build, and would love to see it as a permanent option you can choose while selecting your loadout.”

In response, senior product manager Vikram Mehta calls the perk randomizer a “great initiative,” writing “we are hoping to bring it back in the future in some shape or form!” Whether that means it’ll continue to be isolated to specific events remains unclear – but either way, there’s hope.

A comment on Reddit from one Dead by Daylight developer about the perk randomizer coming back

The great thing about the in-game perk randomizer is that it, well, does all of the work for you, obviously. One of the things I like about it, however, is that you don’t know which perks you actually have until you’re in-game. Sure, using a website ahead of time is fun, but you know roughly how the game will shape up based on what you have. I prefer the idea of going into The Fog with absolutely no idea – it really gives you that sense of having to survive and it’s so much more fun.

Although, I’d advise against random perks at the moment; the next Dead by Daylight update features the aforementioned Xenomorph, and that’s one Dead by Daylight killer that you don’t want to mess with. If you are planning to take it on head-first, though, grab some Bloodpoints using our list of active DBD codes to make sure your survivors are all levelled up.