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Dead by Daylight player survey hints at terrifying new game modes

Think Dead by Daylight needs shaking up? A recent player survey reveals that the asymmetric murder-up could be getting several new modes.

Dead by Daylight, an asymmetric killer-vs-survivors multiplayer game has been going for nearly seven years. One of the things that’s kept it fresh is the regular addition of new killers and survivors, including licensed characters such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s Leatherface and Halloween’s Michael Myers. But going by a recent player survey, developer Behaviour Interactive is set to shake things up with some all-new modes.

Ever felt multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight needs a breath of fresh air? Well, as much fresh air as you can get trapped in a nightmarish limbo where you’re stalked by a host of murderers. Then you could be in luck because developer Behaviour Interactive has invited players to offer their thoughts on several diverse new game modes.

That’s not to say the game is a bore, far from it. There are 33 Dead by Daylight killers, each with their own talents and abilities which, if you’re playing as a slasher, means exploiting their strengths. And if you’re a survivor, you’re really forced to think on your feet.

But these new match types, which range from Zombie Tag to Team vs Team do sound intriguing. As spotted by Eurogamer, Behaviour has tweeted out a player survey link, soliciting feedback on a range of topics including these new modes.

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The first part of the survey asks for players’ thoughts on the recently released paid Dead by Daylight DLC, which adds killer doll Chucky to the game. But it then moves on to the proposed game modes, as follows.

  • Swapped Perspective – killers play in 3rd person, survivors in 1st person
  • Zombie Tag -‘killed’ survivors turn into killers till there’s only one left
  • 2v8 Party – 2 killers against 8 survivors
  • Tag – when a player is caught they swap roles with the killer
  • Hide and Seek – no generators, just stay alive for five minutes to escape
  • 5v5 – two teams of 4 survivors (with one killer on the loose) fight for control of the generators

Zombie Tag is by far my favorite, because it sounds simultaneously terrifying and hilarious, especially if Behaviour ups the player count to, say, eight. Just imagine frantically running around the map while five Leatherfaces (Leatherfacii?) pursue you.

A Dead by Daylight survey asking for thoughts on several game modes.

Whether any of these modes sees the light of day is down to Behaviour though player feedback will no doubt play a part in that. If you want your voice to be heard, here’s the Dead by Daylight player survey.

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