Dead by Daylight Year 7 updates overhaul perks for the better

Behaviour Interactive has updated the Dead By Daylight year seven roadmap, with plenty changes coming to the multiplayer horror game in the next five months.

Dead by Daylight Year 7 updates overhaul perks for the better

The Dead By Daylight roadmap for year seven has been updated by Behaviour Interactive, as the next five months will see plenty of changes to the asymmetrical multiplayer game. You can expect adjustments to the bloodweb, seasonal cosmetics, and map queue, as well as more regular perk updates, and so much more.

While we’re well into the Dead By Daylight roadmap for year seven at this point, Behaviour Interactive has provided an update on what the rest of the in-game year will provide up until Dead By Daylight’s birthday in June.

All of this is in addition to what the Dead By Daylight roadmap already contains for the rest of the game’s year: the tome 14 release date, chapter 27 with a new killer and survivor, and tome 15, amongst some smaller events and updates that you can see in the official Dead By Daylight roadmap image below. None of these changes are dated, but they should be in the next five or so months.

Dead By Daylight roadmap year 7 update

Bloodweb Improvements are coming to DBD, as Behaviour acknowledges that many players have “a surplus of Bloodpoints and not enough time to spend them”, with plans in the works to make it easier and faster to navigate the blood web and spend your bloodpoints.

The Dead By Daylight survivor bots are also getting an upgrade, as you’ll soon be able to set them up with custom loadouts so you can do even more specific tests. Behaviour does note though that “not all perks will be available to bots: Some perks will ultimately be too complicated for them to use effectively,” but doesn’t say which perks won’t be available.

Many will also be over the moon with the incoming map queue changes, as you will never be put in the same map twice in a row, and the odds of going to the same map soon after itself will be greatly reduced (but not impossible) as well.

There will also be more accessibility options, as the audio-pure terror radius will get a visual option at some point. A realm update is also coming, with perk changes also set to hopefully be released with each mid-chapter update, although Behaviour doesn’t promise this will always happen. Eruption is also undergoing a change.

Seasonal cosmetics are also being shaken up, as Behaviour will vault them after a period of time to declutter the store and attempt to make all cosmetics feel more meaningful. Behaviour does guarantee that season cosmetics will return once they’ve been vaulted however, so they will not be gone forever.

The team also clarifies that “new limited time cosmetics will be available for purchase with Auric Cells. When the event period ends, these outfits will be vaulted (removed from the store) until they return the following year. The next time they return, they will be available with both Auric Cells and Iridescent Shards (excluding licensed characters).”

The Dead By Daylight roadmap for year seven article provides a list of all seasonal collectibles to date that will be available for a limited time if there’s anything you want to grab before it’s gone for a while.

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