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DBD adds second map to kill switch list after new exploits discovered

Dead by Daylight's Garden of Joy map is temporarily disabled due to an exploit, following on from a tumultuous time for the horror game.

It seems the scariest thing in Dead by Daylight isn’t the Entity or the gaggle of killers hunting for your blood, it’s the issues that seem to be falling over each other to appear following the most recent patch and associated game engine upgrade. As if by magic, another problem has hit DBD, this time ensuring that the Garden of Joy map has had to be temporarily disabled.

This addition of the Garden of Joy map to the Kill Switch list means that currently there are two Dead by Daylight maps unavailable for play for the foreseeable future. The horror-filled multiplayer game has seen a series of exploits recently crop up on map. Firstly on Resident Evil 2’s Raccoon City Police Station East Wing, which saw it become possible for killers to become eternally trapped, leaving survivors to run rampant and make their escapes without fear.

On the Garden of Joy map it appears survivors were able to go out of bounds. On Reddit user reports that they experienced this, watching two survivors hop out of the level to while away the time in an unreachable area. Since there would be no way for the killer to force the Endgame Collapse condition this would cause the match to run for the entire hour with no resolution unless the killer disconnected.

The central house from the Garden of Joy map stands shrouded by fog.

If that wasn’t enough, the recently-returned Hawkins National Laboratory map, part of the Stranger Things tie-in, has been afflicted with performance issues. While not added to the Kill Switch list, it has been de-prioritized, meaning players will encounter it in the wild far less often. It is still possible to burn a map offering to send a team there, so there is still a strong chance you may load into it on your travels.

With two maps currently unavailable and a third causing matches to experience rubber-banding, the pool of playable spaces available to players has shrunk considerably in recent days. There’s no information just yet on when these maps will make their return, but you can check out the full Kill Switch master list here.

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