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Full Dead by Daylight Slipknot collection finally revealed

Following a recent release date reveal, we finally know which Dead by Daylight characters are getting cosmetics in the DBD Slipknot collab.

Dead by Daylight Slipknot: DBD killer The Trapper on an image of Slipknot on stage.

Wait and Bleed no more, as the Dead by Daylight Slipknot collection has finally been revealed in its entirety. We have been looking forward to this one for so long especially since the Iron Maiden collection hit so hard, and a release date for the DBD Slipknot crossover was officially announced on Monday March 4. That announcement was just a date, and fans of both the horror game and legendary metal band have since been speculating about which character will get which new cosmetics.

Now we know. During the All Things Wicked livestream, the eight Dead by Daylight Slipknot cosmetics were finally revealed ahead of their Tuesday March 26 release date. All are for killer characters in the horror game, and each is based on one of the current masked members of the band. Seven of the items are masks only, so you can pair the head cosmetic with an outfit of your choice. As we all speculated, though, our already-masked DBD killer, The Legion, lends itself most naturally to the Slipknot crossover, and gets its own full outfit.

The full Dead by Daylight Slipknot collection, featuring eight killer cosmetics.

So, let’s take a look at the upcoming items. First, let’s get into that Legion skin, which is based on turntablist Sid Wilson’s newest mask. It’s a little less creepy than the real thing, with a long, red, hooded cloak and a simple white mask. The best part about it, though, is definitely the white knife, emblazoned with the word Slipknot in blood-red writing.

As for the others, perhaps the most obvious to turn to next is lead singer Corey Taylor, who is represented by the man himself, the face of DBD, The Trapper. We think Taylor’s recognizable white mask with haunting, round, black eyes suits him. Next, percussionist Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan’s likeness is, of course, given to The Clown, with the bright red Grim Circus mask and short, spiked hair, and the Metallic Grill associated with Mick Thompson has been given to Wraith. The full collection is listed below:

  • The Legion – Sid Wilson
  • The Deathslinger – James Root
  • The Clown – Shawn Crahan
  • The Wraith – Mick Thomson
  • The Trapper – Corey Taylor
  • The Hillbilly – Alessandro ‘Vman’ Venturella
  • The Blight – Michael Pfaff
  • The Doctor – Anonymous keyboardist

We’re a little saddened to see that some of the most memorable previous members of the band haven’t been represented, like Joey Jordison, the founding member and ex-drummer who left in 2013 for health reasons before sadly passing away in 2021. We suppose, though, that there are only so many outfits that could be included, and representing current members and the most recent era of Slipknot makes sense. Unlike the recent DBD Iron Maiden collection, there have also been no survivor cosmetics announced, nor have we been told yet if a Slipknot track will be added to the lobby.

As you wait to jump into the in-game store for this latest DBD metal collab, get stuck into the new Dead by Daylight chapter, All Things Wicked, with a new killer, survivor, and map. And, Before I Forget, make sure you have redeemed the latest DBD codes – there might not be any metal cosmetics in there, but Bloodpoints still come in handy.

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