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Dead by Daylight just changed disconnects so you can’t watch bots

The Dead by Daylight Alien update, which introduces Ripley and the Xenomorph, changes how disconnects work, so players can no longer spectate DBD bots.

Dead by Daylight spectating: A monstrous creature from BHVR horror game Dead by Dayilght

The Dead by Daylight Alien update introduces a new killer in the form of the Xenomorph, new survivor in Ellen Ripley, and even a new map, the Nostromo. But the multiplayer horror game from BHVR is also undergoing some changes with regard to disconnects, meaning that players will no longer be able to leave games in order to spectate on DBD bots if they choose to bow out mid-play. It comes as part of the new Dead by Daylight patch, which introduces a variety of changes to both the overall experience and the bots themselves.

With the full Dead by Daylight Alien update, the DBD killers roster is now one stronger thanks to the Xenomorph. But how you spectate matches is also being significantly changed. Until the latest patch, if you disconnected from a round of Dead by Daylight, you could continue spectating on the bot that took your place – a player drops out, a bot fills their spot, and, if they want, they can observe how the bot behaves and stay behind in the game.

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But now, if you disconnect in Dead by Daylight, as per the new patch, you will no longer be able to spectate the game. “Disconnected players can no longer spectate the game they disconnected from,” the 7.2.0 patch notes read. So if you enjoyed watching how the bots navigated against Skull Merchant, setting up the perfect horror show for yourself is no longer possible.

Making life harder for dedicated Dead by Daylight killers, the bots’ behavior has also been reworked in the new patch. They are now more likely to continue working on generators and “being productive” when within the Terror Radius. Also, they don’t crouch-walk while being chased, and can “telepathically communicate” to avoid situations whereby multiple bots rush to heal a single survivor.

It sounds like the new bots could put on a good show – indeed, some streamers and Dead by Daylight YouTubers voluntarily disconnect from matches so they can commentate on the bots. But with the new patch, that is likely a thing of the past.

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