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Massive DBD patch will download 30gb of gold-infused splendor

Dead by Daylight's latest update brings a ton of new changes for killers and the in-game store as well as opening a brand new Tome.

Massive DBD patch will download 30gb of gold-infused splendor: The Trapper from Dead by Daylight is in extreme closeup, wearing a giant gold skull head.

Even when you’re fleeing a murderer wielding a blade dripping with gore ripped from many victims, tripping over your own feet as your heart threatens to beat its way out of your chest, you still want to look good. To that aim, the latest Dead by Daylight patch is here and it’s updated two killers, a few perks, a map, the in-game store, and changed engine, but the most important addition is obviously the new bling you can grab for your characters.

Dead by Daylight has always been pretty good at giving everyone something to wear when running about the Entity’s torturous realms. The asymmetrical multiplayer game often goes through themes, such as underwater, synth-pop, children’s toys, and now it’s time for a little bit of gold. Today’s patch has opened up the gates to Tome 19, titled Splendor, along with its associated battle pass-esque Rift, and they’re positively draped in riches.

Alongside the gleaming rewards contained within, this update has a lot going on. First up are the incoming changes to two killers, Twins and Blight. Twins in particular has received a few quality of life additions, which is a far cry from the OP overhaul promised early on in the game’s most recent PTB. Instead, they’ll just be a little easier to play, being able to hop from big sister Charlotte into little brother Victor quicker than before. Blight on the other hand has had his collision detection improved, meaning he’ll slide off objects less when charging about the map. Both have also had a few Add-Ons reworked, we’ll have to wait and see how this will affect the game’s meta.

The Blight from Dead by Daylight roars at the viewer, blighted goo dripping everywhere.

Elsewhere in the update three perks have received some attention with Adrenaline being nerfed in a few ways, Decisive Strike getting a duration buff, and Ultimate Weapon being changed from making survivors scream to an aura-reading perk, albeit a temporary change as this will be reverted in a future hotfix. The Haddonfield map from the Halloween chapter has also been reworked, with more line-of-sight breaking objects being placed to ensure it’s more possible to lose chasing killers in hot pursuit.

For those looking to spend some coin in their DBD journey the store has been completely rebuilt, with a new mori preview available along with a more detailed Shrine of Secrets and better previewing of cosmetics. If that wasn’t enough, the game’s engine has been updated to Unreal Engine 5. If you wondered why this patch was particularly large, clocking in at over 30 gigabytes, that’s a large part of why you’ll be seeing such a chunky download. Developer Behaviour Interactive promises that this won’t affect anything just yet but will pave the way for future updates.

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You can check out the full patch notes over on the Dead by Daylight forums where you can get the lowdown on what exactly has been zapped by the change-beam.

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