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Least-loved Dead by Daylight killer gets OP update undone

Dead by Daylight's Twins nearly became the most powerful killer in the game but a new test update has undone most of the improvements.

Least-loved Dead by Daylight killer gets OP update undone : Charlotte, one of the Twins, looks at the player in a closeup shot.

Sometimes when you’re facing your fifth Chucky of the night and you’ve got tunnel vision from staring at generator skill checks you can forget that Dead by Daylight is a horror game. Thankfully, there are several killers who still manage to bring the fear. From a silent scratched-mirror Myers to a fleshy Dredge emerging from its pitch-black nightfall, some killers send shivers down the spines of the survivors they encounter. One under-utilized murderer nearly joined their ranks after a planned rework, but that’s all suddenly changed.

The Twins, aka Charlotte and Victor Deshayes, are a killer combination that’s rarely seen in Dead by Daylight. Developer Behaviour Interactive had intended in reworking them, altering their powers in order to see them rocket up the Dead by Daylight killer tier list, or at least become a little bit more popular. Ahead of the next big patch for the multiplayer game, players got to see and try out what was planned thanks to the Public Test Build, and it was utter chaos.

Victor’s reworked powers formed the core of this commotion. Instead of jumping onto survivors and clasping onto their backs as they ran around to knock him off, the update saw him simply wounding survivors, only latching on once they were downed in the dying state. Combine that with the planned update for Charlotte that would see her get a ten percent haste bonus when Victor was hugging a downed survivor, and you can begin to see how the Twins almost become the most overpowered killer in the game.

This rework saw PTB matches devolve into slug-fests with the Twins being incentivised to knock survivors down rather than hook them. Fun for the Twins, pretty boring for everyone else. Thankfully, after some rather loud feedback, this rework is being mostly undone. Victor has returned to his previous behavior and Charlotte has lost her haste bonus.

Charlotte from Dead by Daylight smacks Élodie Rakoto with her colossal sickle, sending blood flying

That’s not to say there aren’t changes incoming for the Twins but they are currently looking a little more modest. Switching between Victor and Charlotte used to be a slow affair, leaving both hanging around doing nothing while survivors made their escape. Now the time has been halved so you can nip about the map a little easier. Unleashing Victor is faster, pouncing is quicker, and finally Charlotte can recall Victor whenever she chooses, instead of having to wait for him to be kicked to death.

All of which leaves the Twins in an improved position compared to where they were before the PTB, but not quite the all-reigning champion of the game that they might’ve become had the changes gone through. These quality-of-life changes have been requested by the community for a while so it’ll be interesting to see how popular Victor and Charlotte become once they’re live.

Alongside the Twins rework a couple of other changes planned for this patch have also been undone. The survivor perk Decisive Strike was going to receive a new stabbing animation along with a stun time increase. This ended up causing a delay in wriggling free of the killer’s grasp, so the animation has been scrapped but the increased stun duration will remain. Popular killer perk Ultimate Weapon had been intended to be changed to an aura-reading ability rather than causing survivors to scream but this has also been reverted.

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You can check out the full PTB update notes over on the Dead by Daylight forums, which also include updates for Blight Addons and a few other tweaks. It’s currently expected that this patch will hit live servers by the end of the month for the launch of the next Tome on April 23.

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