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Dead by Daylight’s DnD killer launches to positive community reaction

Vecna has landed in DBD as part of the new Dungeons and Dragons chapter and fans are cautiously positive about the lich and his powers.

Dead by Daylight’s DnD killer launches to positive community reaction: Vecna from DBD and DnD stands with knife hovering above his hand.

Like most online games Dead by Daylight has a ton of memes about fans absolutely hating it. If you spend time on the game’s subreddit, social media replies, or Steam forums, you’ll know how fan sentiment often runs sour. It can often feel that after every change, update, or new release, there’s an overwhelming torrent of negativity. Today the latest killer for the game released and there’s been one big surprise. People seem…happy?

It shouldn’t be the case that a new update receiving a positive reaction is newsworthy but for a game like Dead by Daylight, it’s definitely unusual. Many killers have entered the fog over the years with the multiplayer game receiving characters as diverse as Chucky, Alien, Singularity, and more. Some of these landed with a few issues that needed ironing out, with their launches often marred by complaints either mechanical or thematic. A few killers never escaped their launches, with characters like Skull Merchant still proving deeply unpopular despite a rework and several updates.

Vecna on the other hand has gone down smooth like two fingers of whiskey. In the game’s public test build it was noted that the killer was a little weak, with his spells proving either situational or useless. A last minute buff to Vecna’s abilities seems to have done that one incredibly rare thing – they’ve hit the sweet spot. At the time of writing several hours after release, fan reaction remains cautiously positive about the current condition of the killer.

Of course that’s not to say there aren’t complaints, this is a multiplayer game in the year 2024 so of course there are grumbles. What’s notable, however, is that these complaints are rare and the tone of the discussion remains on the chill side. Players don’t seem ecstatic, which may indicate the killer was over-tuned, instead they seem to simply be enjoying the new abilities, which is almost unheard of in Dead by Daylight history.

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Vecna and the Dungeons and Dragons chapter for Dead by Daylight is out now, you can also save 60% on Dead by Daylight on Steam until Monday, June 17. Check out more info over on the official game page.

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