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This year’s best zombie game gets new major expansion

Dambuster Studios has just revealed that Dead Island 2 is getting a new expansion called Haus soon, and it follows a mysterious cult.

Dead Island 2 expansion: An undead woman with blood covering her mouth and a silver mask across her eyes smiles, her red hair done up in a high ponytail

Dead Island 2 is gruesome, and that’s why we love it. It brings together many of the elements that drew us to the first game and improves upon others. The world is visually stunning, even when decorated by blood and entrails, and the gameplay provides an old-fashioned thrill that lots of new games fail to. The game’s developer, Dambuster Studios, and publisher Deep Silver have just revealed that the hit sequel is getting its first major expansion, Haus, and it’s coming a lot sooner than you may think.

While I’m usually not a huge fan of zombie games, I made an exception for Dead Island 2 and boy am I glad I did. I played the original game on my Xbox when I was in middle school after hearing about it from friends, so the sequel’s announcement played on my nostalgic heartstrings and prompted me to hop back in for a fresh, gore-y ride. I wasn’t the only one, as the Dead Island 2 sales speak for themselves. Dambuster Studios’ sequel has proven to be quite fun, but I haven’t picked it up in ages as I felt I exhausted its content.

Now that the game’s first major expansion is underway, I’m excited once more and my childhood memories are flooding back in. Dambuster aptly describes Haus as “the most powerful cult you’ve never heard of,” as the dev explains that the expansion will see us unraveling the mysterious identity of an LA-based cult. Rumors are circulating about Haus, with secret invitations hinting towards its identity. Any guests that go there disappear within its private walls.

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Haus is “a specialized research and development campus,” according to its spokespeople at least, with the nature of its work “confidential.” To conduct said work, the cult “requires very talented individuals” as well as “almost complete isolation.” If you find these details intriguing, you can work to solve the truth behind Haus when the expansion drops on Thursday, November 2.

You can also learn more about Haus on Dead Island’s official website if you’re just interested in exploring the expansion’s lore for now. If you’re looking to purchase it, the game’s expansion pass, which costs $29.99 / £24.99, includes the new DLC. Dambuster Studios is also planning another expansion for its sequel, but it doesn’t come until 2024 which gives us ample time to figure out Haus and its secrets.

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