Dead Island 2 slayers – all playable characters

There are six Dead Island 2 slayers to choose from when kicking and bashing your way into the zombie game, here’s how they differ to help you choose your hero.

Dead Island 2 slayers: Jacob and Dani stand in front of a backdrop of the LA pier and beach in the sun.

Want to know more about the six Dead Island 2 slayers? In Dead Island games historically, there have always been multiple zombie killers to choose from before embarking on your action adventure, each with their own different skills and talents. Who you choose can dramatically affect your gameplay experience, and you can’t change your mind once you start, so we’ve taken a look at each of your choices in Dead Island 2 to help you choose.

The Dead Island 2 slayers are all new characters to the series, bringing a more current, youthful feel since the zombie game’s debut over a decade ago. Each of these cool young things come with their own Dead Island 2 skills as well as a unique set of stats, so choosing one to match your RPG game playstyle will be essential to surviving the zombie apocalypse. Here’s what you need to know about all of the Dead Island 2 slayers, ahead of the Dead Island 2 release date.

Dead Island 2 characters list

These are all of the Dead Island 2 characters available to choose from and their skills:

Dead Island 2 slayers: amy stands in front of the residential area of Beverly Hills, with the sun setting over the modern houses.


Amy is a paralympic runner, so you know you’ll have speed on your side with her. The chillest person you could hope to meet in HELL-A, Amy is always cool under pressure – just as well in a city full of undead.

Amy’s first Innate Skill is Relief Pitcher, which allows the runner to regain much needed stamina when successfully hitting a zombie with a thrown weapon. Her second is Divide and Conquer, boosting damage dealt when she attacks isolated zombies.

Dead Islasnd 2 slayers: Bruno wields a gun on a red backdrop, wearing a purple camo hoodie and a black beanie.


A “hustler” by profession, Bruno is the bad boy of the group, but his targets always deserve it – just like those zombies deserve the sharp end of his weapon. Charming and cool, but raised on the streets, Bruno always has something up his sleeve, making him a more tactical slayer choice, which explains his Backstabber skill.

Backstabber gives Bruno a moderate damage boost when attacking zombies from behind, while his second innate skill, Rapid Reprisal, buffs his agility and heavy attack charges following a successful dodge or block.

Dead Island 2 slayers: Carla stands in from of a fiery backdrop in motorcycle gear.


Carla must be fairly confident in a situation like this, as she can’t be all that afraid of death as a stunt motorcyclist. Someone who jumps over ravines and through hoops of fire surely laughs in the face of the undead, right?

Carla’s innate skill Dig Deep calls on her robust personality for a moderate toughness boost when her health is critical. With Mosh Pit, Carla receives a minor damage boost when surrounded by a throng of zombies.

Dead Island 2 characters: Dani, a green haired punk, stands in front of a sunny, palm-tree filled backdrop


A foul-mouthed, Irish, rockabilly badass, Dani is ready to destroy a swarm of zombies like they’re nothing more than her inferior roller derby opponents, all while wearing the most charming of snarls on her face.

Dani’s innate skills include Bloodlust, in which she regains health when slaughtering multiple zombies one after another, and Thunderstruck, in which her heavy attacks trigger a forceful explosion.

dead Island 2 characters: Jacob floating in a pool on a lilo, surrounded by zombies.


Effortlessly cool, charming, and sexy, Jacob is Dead Island’s “antihero with rockstar flair.” Originally from London, Jacob moved to Hollywood to become a stuntman, so while his dream may no longer become a reality, at least his disregard for his own safety should come in handy.

One of Jacob’s Innate Skills is Feral, giving Jacob a stackable damage boost when attacking multiple zombies in quick succession. Jacob also receives a boost to critical damage when his stamina is low, and successful critical damage hits recharge his stamina.

Dead Island 2 slayers: Ryan stands with his back to the viewer, looking over his shoulder, and holding a drink, in front of a backdrop of the LA beach.


You’d think, as a firefighter, Ryan would have a multitude of skills and weapons at his disposal. That costume might actually be tear-away though, as this hunk of muscle is an exotic dancer, and definitely has some moves to show off when it comes to fighting off hordes of zombies – he’s probably had some practice fighting off hordes of screaming women, after all.

This absolute unit gets a force boost when using a block or dodge to evade an attack, thanks to his Innate Skill Retaliation. Ryan’s other innate skill, Seesaw, allows him to regenerate health each time he downs a zombie.

Now you have the information at your disposal to choose the right slayer for you, you should have no problem dominating during the Dead Island 2 zombie apocalypse – well, until you meet any one of the bosses, that is. While every one of these slayers packs a punch with their literal fist (truly, it’s a sight to behold), they still hit harder with one of the the many weapons in hand, which, like with previous DI games, can be upgraded with blueprints, making your zombie killing even more of a gore-filed spectacle, as we experienced first-hand in our hands-on Dead Island 2 preview, which might tide you over until next month.