Dead Space Remake sequel in the hands of EA as devs have “ideas”

EA Motive already has ideas for a Dead Space Remake sequel and for the horror game universe at large, as some of the devs say they have discussions planned.

Dead Space Remake sequel in the hands of EA as devs have "ideas": a necromorph towers over a man ina bronze suit of space armour, with its long spiked arms and pale complexion

The Dead Space Remake is here and it’s been garnering a lot of praise for its faithful yet evolved take on the 2008 horror game classic. While the dust settles and EA Motive gets a much-deserved break, some of the developers from the studio have spoken about future plans for the series, and how they plan to meet with EA to discuss Dead Space’s future.

EA Motive developers Phil Ducharme (senior producer) and Roman Campos-Oriola (creative director) talked with GQ about the team’s work on the Dead Space Remake, and discussions of the studio’s future plans for all things Ishimura proved to be pretty interesting.

For sure, it’s a hope that we have,” Phil Ducharme says. “There’s interest on my side and I think on Roman’s side – you can see his smile – in exploring Dead Space more. There are ideas, that’s for sure. We’re finishing this week, we’re going to be making sure that that launch goes well and that there are as few technical issues as possible. We’re going to be heading out on vacation and then we’ll sit down and we’ll have those discussions within EA to say, ‘Well, what’s next?’” he told GQ.

If the Dead Space Remake does meet EA’s internal expectations, which we aren’t privy to, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear that a sequel is on the way at some point down the line. EA Motive also has a very unique opportunity where it could follow Visceral Games’ original plot and take protagonist Isaac Clarke to The Sprawl and then Tau Volantis, but I hope they at least keep the survival horror vibe.

If EA Motive sticks to pure horror for potential Dead Space Remake sequels, I actually wouldn’t mind them trying something entirely new. You can still play the original trilogy easily, and while I’d love to explore a complete revamp of The Sprawl, overall I’d much prefer something fresh.

Without spoiling too much, the Dead Space Remake ending is actually packed with two options, with the new one potentially pointing towards some changes. That said, nothing is confirmed at this stage and it could quite easily fold into the original Dead Space 2, should EA Motive decide to go that route. You’ll need to familiarise yourself with the Dead Space Remake new game plus mode to see this secret ending though.

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