Slay the Spire meets Street Fighter in new Steam roguelike

If you've ever wondered what Street Fighter meets Slay the Spire would look like, then new Steam game Death or Glory is the answer to your prayers.

Slay the Spire meets Street Fighter in new Steam roguelike: A woman of color with bright pink messy hair in a purple jacket looks down a sniper rifle barrel as clouds part around her

Slay the Spire meets Street Fighter: bet you didn’t expect to see that on a Tuesday afternoon. Blending CCG mechanics with the high energy of fighting games, Death or Glory is an upcoming Steam adventure that will test you to your limits: either rise to the challenge or die trying – it’s your choice.

Described as the “ultimate dueling showdown,” Death or Glory plays as a Hearthstone-style card game, but channels the over-the-top action of fighting games to create a cartoon extravaganza that’s a feast for the eyes.

As you venture through the game’s fully animated Slay the Spire-style solo campaign, you’ll be able to recruit characters from five different classes (Warrior, Monster, Spellslinger, Evangelist, and Techie), each of which has their own resource systems and playstyles. You can be a werewolf, or you can be an Armored Core 6 character (aka a mech) – the possibilities are limitless and the chaos absolute.

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If all of that sounds good, developer Distilled Gaming Company has a few more tricks up its sleeve – every time you play a level in Death or Glory, it can change. While one area may seem like a veritable treasure trove one minute, the next it may be entirely barren, with Modifiers that make the whole battle even more difficult. When I said this was going to be chaos, I meant it.

And yet, things can get even more chaotic. The game is also multiplayer, meaning you can face off against your friends for bragging rights. While we haven’t been able to try this feature out yet, Death or Glory is hosting a closed beta from Friday, September 1 until Monday, September 4.

You’ll be able to play through some of the roguelike campaign or face off in duels with your friends as two of the five different classes. Simply participating will net you an exclusive skin for Redeye, the monstrous werewolf, but do note that your progress won’t carry over to the full game.

A purple werewolf creature standing next to a card version of itself on a blue background

The Death or Glory release date is set for Q3 2023, meaning that it’ll be coming relatively soon. You can wishlist it on Steam if you’re interested.

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