Hideo Kojima was stopped by US customs – for carrying Death Stranding’s baby pod

A plastic replica of a baby in a little tank is probably an unusual luggage item

Death Stranding

Even following more gameplay footage released in May, upcoming action adventure game Death Stranding is still a bit of an enigma. However, we do know that it’ll feature an incredibly lifelike rendering of Norman Reedus, Lovecraftian monsters to fight, and BB pods. You know, that apparatus strapped to Reedus’ character Sam in the trailers containing an actual baby. The item is pretty unusual – and it seems that some United States customs officers agree. Game director Hideo Kojima was recently stopped at a US airport for carrying a BB pod prop.

As reported by Gamerant, Kojima was stopped at the airport when flying in to the US for San Diego Comic Con 2019 by customs officials curious about this particular part of his luggage. While it’s just a plastic replica of the pod, it’s also see-through container with a replica baby inside, so it’s perhaps not surprising that customs were keen to know a little more about it before letting him through.

What’s more, according to the description of the game’s collector’s edition, which will include a replica BB pod presumably like the one Kojima was carrying, the item is actually “life-sized”. That could understandably cause some confusion.

Asia Pacific Arts writer Kalai posted an image on Twitter of Kojima holding up the BB pod in question at Comic Con, which you can check out for yourself below.

Death Stranding is due to release November 8, but only as a PlayStation 4 exclusive – at least for the time being. An Italian games journalist called Antonio Fucito recently said that the game is only a timed exclusive on PlayStation 4, and will head to PC at a later time. He previously got the release date right, so perhaps we might one day get to jump into it on our PCs.

In the meantime, check out our list of the best adventure games on PC if you’re interested in something like Death Stranding. Actually, from what we’ve seen so far, it doesn’t look like anything will be quite like Death Stranding.