How many episodes are in Death Stranding?

If you’ve started your journey across post-apocalyptic America then you may want to know how long’s left

Death Stranding episodes

How many Death Stranding episodes are there? If you’re anything like us, it won’t be long until you get a little curious about how far through the game you are – if you’re wondering how long is Death Stranding in hours then head to our dedicated guide.

After a long wait, Death Stranding is now on PC and if you’re planning to dive into the post-apologetic epic, here are the key episodes throughout the story.  It’s worth flagging, in case you’ve ended up here by mistake, that the following could be considered a spoiler – you have been warned.

Death Stranding takes a little while to get going and to introduce you to all of its mechanics, and it’s not until episode three that you’ll really feel like you’ve got the basics down. Here’s how many episodes await you in Death Stranding.

How many episodes are in Death Stranding?

Death Stranding has a total of 14 episodes in its main story, plus a prologue. There’s an achievement for completing each one, so you should be regularly reminded of your progress as you hike your way through the story.

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