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One of Death Stranding’s most annoying ‘features’ gets fixed before the PC release

Shut up, Odradek

Although Death Stranding will be nearly a year late in arriving on PC, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The PlayStation 4 version has enjoyed the benefit of numerous quality-of-life updates already, and it’s a safe bet that we’ll see all those implemented for the Death Stranding PC release date this summer. And the latest update fixes one of the most annoying quirks of the original game.

If you haven’t played Death Stranding yet, the game’s ghostly enemies – known as Beached Things, or BTs – appear in specific areas of the world. When you enter one of these areas, a short cutscene will play as your Odradek scanner deploys to track nearby enemies. The cutscene plays every single time, no matter how often you’ve entered that location, and it’s infuriating when you’re just trying to skirt the location and avoid the encounter entirely.

The latest Death Stranding update on PS4 lets you toggle off the ‘BT Encounter Warning.’ Now there’s an option to let it play only the first time you encounter BTs, which will make all those encounters much less frustrating.

That’s not the only quality of life update Death Stranding has received since launch. PS4 players can now delete vehicles shared by others, after trolls started to use vehicles to block critical paths. You can now see your scanner at all times, even through cargo. And the game’s formerly miniscule text now offers more customisation options.

Death Stranding is coming to Steam, and though it’ll compete with many completely new upcoming PC games, there’s very little like Hideo Kojima’s strand game. (Except American Truck Simulator, that is.)