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Death Stranding whale BT boss fight guide

Our guide to going Captain Ahab on the gigantic whale BT in Death Stranding

Death Stranding whale BT

It being one of the final bosses in the game, you’re probably wondering how to beat the gigantic whale BT in Death Stranding so you can see the game through. A beast that wouldn’t look out of place in Shadow of the Colossus, this floating behemoth is deadly if you don’t know what you’re doing. Luckily, this guide will teach you how to beat it quickly and keep safe whilst doing so. Here’s how to beat the whale BT in Death Stranding.

Before we dive into the meat of this Death Stranding guide it’s worth pointing out that there are some spoilers about the boss fight below, so consider yourself warned.

You can’t really make short work of the Death Stranding whale BT, which appears during your route back to Capital Knot City from the other edge of the known world. As if you needed any more trouble after a cross-country marathon, this giant beast will rear its head and float around the outskirts of your destination, causing a nuisance and hurling damaging globs of we don’t’ want to know what.

Death Stranding whale BT walkthrough

Given that you’ve never fought anything floating before, it’s worth considering what guns you need before you head over. Of course weapons with burst fire or fully automatic settings are much more accurate than the more sluggish launchers and grenades on a moving target, but they do less damage so completing this battle will take a very long time.

However, if you’re a crack shot and can angle your attacks ahead of or before the big floating beast, you’ll be right as rain and can quickly get rid of the terror whale. When the encounter starts with the Death Stranding whale BT boss, the leviathan will try and drown you in tar. Immediately run to the nearest structure and climb it to get out of the goo. It’s undercarriage is sensitive to attacks so aim at either side of the torso to do more damage. You should be able to spot it by the golden sheen and white bone structures.

You’ll notice that the whale dives into the tar upon occasion, at which point you should head to another structure to be safe. If it approaches and strikes where you are it can destroy the building and force you into the tar, which will quickly end up with Sam biting the dust. The same can be said if you wait in the golden goo for too long – the whale will rise from it and eat Sam if you don’t move.

Summon white avatars that throw you kit, from blood bags to weapons. This will ensure you’ve got a constant stream of equipment to fight the whale BT with. The grenade launcher is considerably effective given it can be shot ahead of the torso and you can guarantee it will land on the body.

You should also watch out for the flying golden goo monsters it sends at you. Keep moving when this is happening so they don’t pile up and wipe out all of your health. You can also use structures to put a barrier between you and the goo.

Keep watch for when the Death Stranding whale BT boss opens its mouth too, as you can fire rockets into its gullet for mega damage. We tried using the EX Grenades on this beast and it didn’t really do much at all, so you might want to skip them entirely and just go guns blazing.

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