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Unique, 10/10 FPS game, and a former GOTY, is now available for free

From Dishonored, Prey, and Redfall creator Arkane, and published by Bethesda, you can now get the 10/10 Deathloop free with Prime Gaming.

Deathloop free Prime Gaming: An assassin, Colt, from Arkane and Bethesda RPG game Deathloop

Between Doom, Half-Life, BioShock, and dozens more, what I love about FPS games is how their simple mechanics – you aim, you shoot, you try not to get shot in return – can be modified and malleated into myriad different setups and circumstances. The principles remain the same, but developers can bend them around subjective visions and new, imaginative, additional mechanics. From Arkane, the creator of Dishonored, Prey, Dishonored 2, and this year’s Redfall, Deathloop remains one of the best examples of how the simple systems of the shooter can be reworked into a grander, completely unique, new type of game. Published by Bethesda, and recipient of PCGamesN’s Game of the Year for 2021, you can now get Deathloop for free with Prime Gaming.

Playing as an assassin named Colt, your job in Deathloop is to successfully eliminate eight targets within a single day. It sounds simple enough, but this is an FPS game with a twist. You can approach your targets any way that you want, but if a single one is left alive at the end of the day, the entire 24-hour period restarts, and anybody you’ve killed comes back to life.

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The goal, then, is to case the environment, learn guard patterns, identify routes of ingress and egress, and calculate the flawless course of action that will let you kill your targets before the day is out. It’s all up to you. Inventive, sprawling, and satisfying, the Bethesda-published shooter earned 10/10 in our original Deathloop review.

And now you can get it for free. Beginning on Thursday December 7, Prime Gaming members can get Deathloop for the low, low price of absolutely nothing. Plenty more games will arrive on Prime in time for the Holiday season – we’ve got the full list for you below. Head here to claim your games or sign up.

  • December 7 – Deathloop
  • December 14 – Akka Arrh
  • December 14 – Aground
  • December 14 – SeaOrama: World of Shipping
  • December 21 – Kombinera
  • December 28 – A Tiny Sticker Tale
  • December 28 – Asteroids: Recharged

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