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How long is Deathloop?

Deathloop is Arkane’s longest game yet, here’s how long it’ll take you to finish it

Colt holding a slab in his left hand as he prepares to attack enemies in Deathloop

Want to know how long Deathloop is? Compared to Arkane’s linear Dishonored games which only take around ten hours to get through, Deathloop’s unusual structure makes it slightly harder to nail down an average completion time. This action game has been designed around playing the same set of levels repeatedly until you discover enough clues to break the loop.

The events on each level change depending on the time of day, giving you plenty of information to discover as you piece together the most optimal assassination route. Our review of Deathloop highlights exactly what makes this game so special and why it deserves the highest score we can award.

Deathloop also features a multiplayer mode that challenges players to take down one another as they fight to break or preserve the time loop, increasing the replayability even further. We haven’t factored in the optional multiplayer component into the completion time, though you’ll be missing out if you don’t try it. If you’re only looking to finish the game once without spending any time playing as Julianna, here’s how long it’ll take you to finish Deathloop.

How long is Deathloop?

According to most reviewers, including our own Ian Boudreau, Deathloop should take you around 30 to 35 hours to complete. It’s possible to finish the game in half the time, but you’ll need to explore the levels in the correct order in order to gather all the required information.

Every level contains lots of details about how the visionaries created the time loop, as well as interesting backstory tidbits for each of the main characters. If you want to truly understand everything Deathloop has to offer, you could add another ten hours to take everything in.

If you haven’t picked up Deathloop yet or you’re looking for a way to improve your frame rate, definitely give our Deathloop PC settings guide a read to reach that coveted 60fps mark.