Start your 4K gaming journey with 25% off this great Dell monitor

The price of our favorite all-round 4K gaming monitor has dropped by 25% in this limited deal, meaning it now only costs $599.

Dell G3223Q monitor deal

You can never go back to 1080p gaming once you’ve had a 4K screen, and this latest gaming monitor deal gives you a great opportunity to join the 3,810 x 2,160 gaming club without spending a huge amount of cash. This offer knocks a huge $200 off the normal price of the Dell G3223Q, which will also fill your face with its big 32-inch panel, while its 144Hz refresh rate enables it to keep up with fast-paced gaming.

The Dell G3223Q is currently listed as the best all-round option on our best 4K gaming monitor guide, and it offers a great spec. What’s more, this current gaming monitor offer means you can now pick up this $799 display for just $599, giving you a huge discount of 25 percent.

Handily, this monitor not only supports AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, but is also compatible with Nvidia G-Sync. This means that, whether you own an Nvidia or AMD GPU, you’ll be able to synchronize your graphics card’s frame rate with your monitor’s refresh rate, knocking any horrible tearing artifacts on the head.

In terms of tech, this monitor is based on an IPS panel, which means you get quicker response times and superior viewing angles to a VA panel, although it doesn’t have the deep blacks and high contrast of VA gaming monitors. You get a choice of connection types as well, with two HDMI 2.1 inputs, and one DisplayPort 1.4 connection, and all these ports will happily take in the full 3,440 x 2,160 resolution at 144Hz. There’s also the option to plug a games console into this monitor and run it at 120Hz.

Most importantly, though, this monitor will enable you to leave the blocky world of 1080p gaming behind you, and without making a huge sacrifice when it comes to refresh rat or costing the earth.

If you’re not quite ready to jump into the world of big-screen 4K gaming, make sure you also check out our best gaming monitor guide, where we run you through your best options at a range of sizes, resolutions, and prizes.