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Ex Payday dev’s new co-op heist FPS is filled with “mind-f***ery”

Former Payday developer and creative director of Den of Wolves Ulf Andersson has done a trailer breakdown for his upcoming heist FPS game.

Former Payday designer Ulf Andersson has done a trailer breakdown for his new upcoming co-op heist FPS game Den of Wolves, saying that the game has a lot of “mind-fuckery” and finally getting the trailer out meant the team can “stop fucking around and do the game.”

Den of Wolves comes not just off the back of Andersson’s time on the first two Payday games, but also from 10 Chambers’ previous co-op shooter, GTFO. Since revealing the FPS game back at The Game Awards last year Andersson has now done a trailer breakdown, explaining how making the trailer meant the team would “stop f***ing around” and properly make the game.

“We don’t try to do a trailer to hype the game, really. I mean, it helps, of course,” Andersson says. “It’s more to lock it in and say ‘stop f***ing around and do the game, for God’s sake.’ You’re coming out of pre-production, and you show the first trailer. It forces you to lock down everything. That’s why I enjoy making them. Or I don’t enjoy making them, but they’re valuable.”

You can check out creative director Ulf Andersson’s trailer breakdown below.

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Andersson adds that Den of Wolves, which sees you operating as criminals for hire in a sci-fi metropolis called Midway City, has a “lot of mind-fuckery in the way of sci-fi thriller-esque storytelling.”

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