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Descent codes June 2024

Check out the list of new Descent codes along with how to redeem them for essential Time Shards in this exciting Roblox horror game.

DESCENT cover art from the game's Roblox page

What are the latest Descent codes? We’ve got a list of tested and working Roblox Descent codes you can redeem in the game to get Time Shards to spend on advantageous perks. So, if you want to get the edge as you play, this guide will have you covered.

A round-based, multiplayer, and Lethal Company-inspired horror game on Roblox, Descent lives up to its name by having you enter an abandoned facility to scavenge for sellable scrap. However, you’ll also need to escape the monsters of the dark so you don’t lose your haul. For other horror or murder games, Roblox fans should also take a look at our lists covering Ro Ghoul codes or Murder Mystery 2 codes. The bonuses you can buy with code rewards can help you avoid the loot-stealing creatures, but it can be difficult to know when new ones are dropped. Thankfully, you’ll find all of the confirmed active Descent codes for the month listed below.

New Descent codes

Here’s the complete list of working Descent codes and the rewards you can redeem in the game right now:

  • REL3ASE – 100 Time Shards
  • 1KLIKES – 100 Time Shards

Expired codes

There are currently no expired Descent codes.

Each of the above codes has been confirmed as active and working after jumping into the game to test them ourselves.

With the Time Shards you get from these Descent codes in total, you’ll already be able to unlock the first few perks to increase the value of items and help you better avoid the monsters in the dark – Appraiser, Light Weight, and Appraiser 2.

The menu to redeem DESCENT Roblox codes

How do I redeem Descent codes?

To redeem codes in Descent, you just need to follow these quick steps once you launch the game:

  • Select the “CODES” menu via the present icon on the bottom
  • Click into the “Enter code here” text box
  • Enter one of the above active codes
  • Select the “SUBMIT” button
  • If successful, you’ll immediately receive your rewards

How do I get more Descent codes?

Codes so far have only been dropped quite rarely, so if you want to avoid checking multiple pages on the regular, we’d recommend bookmarking this guide. With that, you’ll only have to come back to one spot where each code has already been tested for you. You’ll be able to find more Descent codes as they’re dropped on its Roblox game page, the developer’s X (formerly Twitter) page, and its Discord.

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