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Battle.net patch removes credits to Activision on Destiny 2

Published by Bungie

Bungie has taken Destiny 2 independent, and now the game’s PC launcher has been updated to reflect that. The latest Battle.net update proudly displays that the game is “developed by Bungie” and “published by Bungie.” Additionally, the client has renamed the “Activision” section to “partner games.”

Whether that means other non-Activision games might come to Battle.net in the future remains to be seen, though the changes leave the door open. Back when Bungie and Activision announced the Destiny split, the plan was – and still is – to have the game supported on Battle.net. We don’t know if Destiny 2 will end up on other PC platforms, but it’s a safe bet that Destiny 3 will.

We also have to question how many further Activision releases will hit PC via Battle.net. Destiny 2 started the experiment, and Black Ops 4 was exclusive to the platform on PC, but it’s not even an option for the recent release of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – yes, a brand-new one – is reportedly scheduled for a reveal soon, it likely won’t be long before we know Activision’s plans on Battle.net.

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With the derisively-named ‘go slow’ update, Destiny 2 itself has had a controversial week, as fans broadly reacted poorly to a broad set of nerfs for the game’s best weapons. I guess a Destiny free from Activision isn’t all sunshine.