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A Destiny 2 community event is coming post-Telesto

A Destiny 2 community event is coming post-Telesto, according to several sources, including a journalist who is widely known for his Destiny 2 coverage

A Destiny 2 community event is coming post-Telesto: An image of Mithrax, the Vanguard's Eliksni ally.

A Destiny 2 community event will be coming post-Telesto awakening after all, according to several well-informed sources. These include journalist Paul Tassi, who has covered the FPS game extensively. Please be advised that the remainder of this story contains spoilers about a possible forthcoming event.

Tassi and others suggest that a forthcoming event will involve collecting some kind of currency, relying on community members to work together to attain a certain amount before something happens. The event is written into the game API and will also take place in the Eliksni Quarter, a new addition to Destiny 2 with the Season of Plunder.

Tassi suggests the event could begin with the weekly reset on November 22, which also marks the conclusion of the season’s second Destiny 2 Iron Banner.

It appears to be called Eliksni Inspector and may involve a cleanup effort, with the Guardian’s donations going toward improving the living spaces of Eliksni allies.

The game’s API shows that there will be several community goals, listed as the following:

  • Community Goal I: Cleanup
  • Community Goal II: The Ether Tank
  • Community Goal III: Comforts
  • Community Goal IV: Recruits
  • Community Goal V: Housing
  • Community Goal VI: Garden
  • Community Goal VII: Town Square

The community can gain event currencies by completing Expeditions, Ketchcrash events, and regular in-game activities, which players will then donate to the community fund in exchange for small rewards.

If true, the event would come only weeks after a Destiny 2 team member suggested that the game developers no longer incorporate as many secrets because it’s presently too expensive to encrypt them so they’re hidden from dataminers.

“[I]t’s just expensive, and so far we’ve concluded that it makes more sense to spend on more cool experiences instead,” Bungie’s Head of Engineering David Aldridge said in the AMA.

Aldridge later clarified that he meant Bungie didn’t think it was worth investing in the encryption, but added, “That could change in the future, and I haven’t seen presence/absence of encryption feed into decisions on whether to make secret missions – after all we have other surprises regardless, e.g. narrative twists, and datamine leaks don’t make us shy away from those. :).”

The Destiny 2 community remains hungry for more secret content and community events. Destiny 2 YouTuber Aztecross shared his perspective in a video titled “Bungie…We Miss Secret Missions.” Video viewers commented with their own experiences, supporting his take on the issue. Fallout Plays echoed this sentiment in a video titled Listen, Bungie, This Ain’t It.

With the Destiny 2 season 20 start date on the horizon, there are still a few opportunities to earn rewards from this season’s activities. Guardians still have time to earn seasonal loot from the revamped Destiny 2 King’s Fall raid, which rewards various weapons from the Destiny 2 King’s Fall loot table and the Ketchcrash and Expedition activities.