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Destiny is getting its own official cookbook

It's sure to be the Last Word in Tower haute cuisine

Grinding some of those Exotics out in Destiny 2 can sure work up an appetite, and finally hungry Guardians have the answer they’ve been unwittingly waiting for. Destiny: The Official Cookbook is now available for pre-order.

You heard that right: A cookbook full of recipes inspired by the world and lore of Bungie’s always-evolving sci-fi shooter-slash-major lifestyle decision. The hardcover cookbook is available on Amazon, and is described as being the work of Eva Levante.

There’s not a lot of information about the book itself on the Amazon page yet, so it’s up to us to guess what kinds of recipes it contains. There’s no getting around a dessert called Sweet Business, of course, and you might top that off with a Lucky Raspberry sauce of some kind. Be careful not to overcook, though, or you’ll be left with an Ashen Wake.

The cookbook’s cover displays what look like buttermilk biscuits, hush puppies or fritters of some kind, an onion slaw, and – rather cruelly, I think, given Cayde-6’s well-known friendship with Colonel – a plate of fried chicken. You’d think Eva would have a little more consideration for our dearly-departed friend.

Here’s the cover design:

The cookbook is said to contain lots of recipes and stories collected by Levante during her travels around the galaxy following the events of the Red War. While she’s shown up for the occasional festival since leaving the Farm, she never did get around to opening her Tower shop back up. Now I suppose we know what she’s been up to.

Destiny: The Official Cookbook is by Victoria Rosenthal, who has run the videogames-themed recipe blog Pixelated Provisions since 2012. Pre-orders are $35USD / £27.27, and Amazon says it will be coming out August 4, 2020.