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Destiny 2 cutscene brings back an important character

A Destiny 2 cutscene awakens one of the game's most important characters, and he has an important vision to share with the inhabitants of The Last City

Destiny 2 cutscene brings back an important character: Osiris stands in front of Saint-14.

A Destiny 2 cutscene that debuted as part of the conclusion of Season of Plunder brings back one of the MMO’s most important characters. 

The scene, narrated by Saint-14, describes the reawakening of Osiris, the one-exiled Vanguard Warlock who has traversed thousands of timeline simulations in the FPS game to save humanity.

Osiris has been in a state of lessened consciousness since Season of the Hunt, which debuted more than two years ago. His Ghost, Sagira, sacrificed herself to save him from being killed by Hive god Xivu Arath, which left him vulnerable. The following series of events serve as the catalyst for The Witch Queen that would eventally follow, as Savathûn possessed his body, assumed his identity, and used it to spy on the Vanguard in the Tower. Savathûn eventually returned Osiris in exchange for Mara Sov’s assistance in removing the Hive queen’s worm, but left him in an unconscious sleep state resembling a coma.

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It appears that the Relics of Nezarec players collected throughout the season were part of a remedy that would awaken Osiris.

The cutscene notes that Mistraax felt the reliquaries speak to him, and Saint-14 describes their power as terrifying. Still, even their connection to the Darkness didn’t stop Misraax from harnessing their power by crafting a tea from them, which hed fed to Osiris to awaken him from his slumber.

It’s important to note that early in the season, Misraax snapped at Spider when he suggested harnessing the relics’ power to their advantage. Edio, the Eliksni researcher, also references the “Curse of Nezarec.” Taken together, this indicates that something terrible could emerge from Osiris’s reawakening. One theory is that a Darkness power could have orchestrated the use of the relics to awaken Osiris, suggesting possible ill intent.

The cutscene then reveals that because Savathûn had usurped Osiris’s body to spy on the Tower, he could now access her thoughts. He speaks of a vision of a secret on Neptune. Players who watched the Destiny 2 Lightfall reveal showcase will know that this secret is likely Neomuna, a city not presently known to the inhabitants of The Last City. Although we have yet to determine what to make of this, a Destiny 2 Rasputin tease indicates that Destiny 2 Season 19 may see the return of Warmind, the only other known entity entirely aware there may be a city beyond The Last City.

The cutscene ends on a heartwarming note as Osiris declares his love for Saint-14. Guardians familiar with the lore know that Osiris and Saint-14 are lovers, and it’s beautiful to see Osiris emerge from his sleep state to share a kiss. Longtime Destiny 2 players may remember that the purpose of the Sundial was for Osiris to harness the power of time travel to rescue Saint-14 from impending death, allowing the men to be together in the present.

Osiris’s return marks a turning point in Destiny 2’s storyline, as he’s been out of the picture for quite some time. While he’ll likely need to spend some time recovering from his sleep state, there’s no question that he will continue to play a role in the space game‘s forthcoming series of events.