See S-tier Destiny 2 loadouts with this fan-created website

A fan-created Destiny 2 loadouts site named after the Black Armory lets players easily share and compare their best builds from Bungie's hit FPS game.

See S-tier Destiny 2 loadouts with this fan-created website: A Guardian draws an arrow in the seasonal activity.

A new Destiny 2 loadouts website allows players to quickly share and show off their loadouts to their peers. The site, which a Reddit user shared to the DestinytheGame subreddit last week, lets Guardians quickly show off their in-game loadouts, including mods, armour, weapons, and other information pertinent to developing S-tier builds in the FPS game.

Reddit user __SmashBoy__ originally shared and claims to have created the site, which is called The name is a homage to a secret weapon foundry run by Ada-1, and the only surviving member. Anyone can view the website, and those who want to post their loadouts can log in with their accounts and select which loadouts to publish.

Guardians can also add a description and use tags such as ‘PvP,’ ‘Raids,’ or even ‘Fashion,’ which help viewers quickly filter builds and allow them to sort them by ‘Latest’ or ‘Popular.’ Players cannot include seasonal artefact mods or non-core loadout components such as Sparrows, Ghost shells, and ships, but fortunately, SmashBoy plans to add those options in the future.

See S-tier Destiny 2 loadouts with this fan-created website: A Guardian uses Strand abilities in combat.

While Destiny Item Manager (DIM) has options for people to create and compare loadouts, this site functions differently as it operates as a centralised place for players to get ideas for builds based on what others have posted. For many, this is tremendously helpful as it can be challenging to keep track of what Exotics provide boosts to abilities, what mods are the most useful in PvP or PvE settings, and what weapons will do the most damage given Bungie’s regular balancing updates, such as the one coming with this week’s midseason patch.

In an undated update to the original post, the author suggests it’s been a “crazy 24 hours” but that the site is now live for mobile devices. At the time, they said the site had more than 6,000 website visits, 500 authenticated users, and more than 150 loadouts created and liked.

The site’s top build is titled Orpheus copium, a Hunter Void build. It leverages the Shadowshot: Deadfall Super ability and the Orpheus Rig Exotic leg armour, providing energy for targets tethered by Deadfall anchors.

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