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Destiny 2 game director says info on PvP updates will come this month

Responding to rumours of playing with Trials of Osiris 'resetters,' Destiny 2's game director shared players can expect information on PvP updates this month

Destiny 2 game director says info on PvP updates will come this month: A Guardian slides in Trials of Osiris.

Destiny 2’s game director says players can expect information on the Destiny 2 PvP updates within the coming month, a timeframe that would put such an update ahead of the forthcoming season set to launch December 6, and will presumably outline plans for the future of competitive play in the FPS game.

Game director Joe Blackburn shared that the PvP information would be forthcoming as part of a series of tweets in response to a video from Destiny 2 content creator TrueVanguard. In the video, TrueVanguard shared his perspective on rumours that Blackburn was playing Destiny 2 with Trials of Osiris ‘resetters.’ Resetters are players who choose to reset their cards after six wins so they don’t get into the Flawless queue, which requires seven wins and is typically reserved for the best Trials of Osiris players. By resetting cards to avoid going Flawless, these resetters can continue to farm worse players instead of queuing with players that match their skill level. While the practice isn’t explicitly an exploit, it’s considered bad form within the community.

In response to the rumours, Blackburn shared that he was playing with one clanmate and another player who was new to him, and both were console players he brought into the game’s PC pool and played with for about two hours.

After explaining what happened, he posted a final tweet that acknowledged issues with competitive PvP and shared that players could soon expect more information on improvements.

“We still have plenty of work to do on the competitive side of PVP. I’m excited to continue getting crushed and (hopefully) be getting better with a bunch of yall next season. More info on the competitive pvp updates that we have planned there, coming later this month,” the tweet reads.

Competitive players have taken to Twitter and Reddit to share their concerns over the current state of Destiny 2 PvP. Although Bungie recently addressed some of these with its nerfs to Linear Fusion Rifles, there are still numerous other issues that players say are negatively impacting the meta. Destiny 2 competitive PvP activity Trials of Osiris recently had its lowest player count in 43 weeks, dipping below 200,000 players. A chart showing the game’s Steam history also indicates it recently had the lowest Steam player count average since its launch in 2017. (A chart below the referenced graph shows some lower average player counts in past months, with the conflicting information possibly stemming from differences in week-over-week average calculations versus month-over-month averages.)

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