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Destiny 2 is getting a new vehicle type, and it’s amazing

Guardians can acquire a new way to ride with the hoverboard-like Skimmer available for free during 2024’s Guardian Games All-Stars event.

Guardians ride the hoverboard Skimmer in Destiny 2 available during the Guardian Games event

Destiny 2, for the first time in the franchise’s history, is adding a new kind of vehicle. For the 2024 Guardian Games All-Stars event, players will be able to swap out their Sparrow for a hoverboard. Even better, it’ll be free. The Skimmer, called the Allstar Vector, will be yours to enjoy forever… as long as you complete a couple of event quests.

Bungie has released variations of the Sparrow over the years in Destiny 2, but never an entirely new vehicle category to the ever-expanding space game. With this Exotic new addition, players will be able to “do tricks, grind rails, or just stylishly skim around looking incredibly cool,” according to the official blog post. For the hoverboard-esque design, players will be able to mount them sideways rather than the usual straddle style of the Sparrow.

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The ins and outs of acquiring said hoverboard are light, but it has been revealed that, in order to pick it up, players must complete the onboarding quest given by Eva Levante at the Tower for the Guardian Games All-Stars event starting Tuesday March 5. To keep the new personal transport, players will also need to complete the Drop in quest.

Destiny 2 hoverboard Skimmer design front and back

There will also be a second Skimmer available to purchase from the Eververse microtransaction store, that Bungie says is “inspired by a beloved Destiny weapon.” Getting hold of the new Skimmer will keep players busy while they await The Final Shape release date, but if that’s not enough, there’s plenty of other titles to explore in our best FPS games guide.

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