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Destiny 2 leaker NDA violations span “multiple years,” Bungie says

The alleged Destiny 2 leaker maintains their innocence, but Bungie claims the FPS game's team has "reviewed irrefutable evidence" pointing to them.

Bungie has "irrefutable evidence" against alleged Destiny 2 leaker: Commander Zavala looks on with concern.

Bungie claims to have “reviewed irrefutable evidence” regarding the Destiny 2 leaker within its community that allegedly shared sensitive community summit information, thereby violating nondisclosure agreements in what the team calls a “pattern over time” in the FPS game.

The alleged Destiny 2 leaker, whom PCGN is not naming but has publicly self-identified to defend themselves, has maintained their innocence since Bungie tweeted on April 14 that it had identified a leaker who shared information regarding the shooter’s upcoming content.

Bungie’s most recent tweets, dated April 18, appear to be directed at the Destiny 2 community’s outpouring of support for the alleged leaker, who is also a popular streamer who denies any wrongdoing regarding Bungie’s intellectual property.

“Our Security and Legal teams have reviewed irrefutable evidence,” Bungie says. “Including video recordings, verified messages, and images demonstrating a pattern over time that confirm the same individual shared confidential information from Community Summits spanning multiple years.

“We are very disappointed to have learned this information and wish that things had gone differently with this person. We do not take these actions lightly, and we are confident in our decision. This is our final communication on the matter,” a follow-up tweet adds.

The revelation that the leaker could also be a popular and well-liked streamer left many in the community shocked, with several prominent personalities going to bat for the player against Bungie after that person denied the allegations and suggested they may have been framed. The streamer was a popular Destiny 2 player who’d completed thousands of Grandmaster Nightfalls, leading many to question the player’s motive to jeopardise their entire streaming career by leaking internal documents. Players even started a hashtag to support the player due to their claims that they were wrongfully accused.

Even in light of Bungie’s most recent tweets, the alleged leaker appears to be maintaining their innocence. In response to a tweet following Bungie’s update in which someone suggested Bungie had “the receipts,” the alleged leaker tweeted back, “you seen the actual receipts?”

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Bungie allegedly told the leaker the team confirmed it was them by matching home screen icons to those on the leaked documents. The player maintains they didn’t take photos, suggesting someone from a leaks Discord channel included the icons to frame them. This led many to speculate the player’s computer had been hacked or that a roommate or friend somehow gained access to the content.

Ultimately, the final statement from Bungie appears to put a lid on the situation. Violations of agreements such as NDAs involving intellectual property can have major repercussions, though Bungie appears to have declined to take legal action.

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