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Bungie asks trust is “honoured” as Destiny 2 leaks harm all involved

Destiny 2 leaks for season 21 of the free game are all over the place, with Bungie talking about trust around community summits while it plans to take action.

Bungie asks trust be "honoured" as Destiny 2 leaks harm everyone: three figures in purple space armour stand in front of a purple background

With leaks taking over the internet ahead of the Destiny 2 season 21 release date, developer Bungie has issued a statement on how breaches of trust between the studio and community of the free game could lead to an “inability” to do more community summits for Destiny 2 in the future.

While we won’t be sharing any information about the Destiny 2 leaks of season 21 here, Bungie’s new statement appears to confirm that they’ve stemmed from a behind-closed-doors community summit for the upcoming content in the FPS game, with one of the people invited in breaching an NDA and leaking details over the web.

“Community interaction and engagement are central to Bungie and our games,” the Destiny 2 developer says. “For years, we’ve invited creators and other members of the community to confidential summits to provide feedback on the future of Destiny. This is a beloved part of the process, but relies heavily on trust.

Bungie asks trust be "honoured" as Destiny 2 leaks harm everyone: Bungie's twitter statement on the season 21 leaks

“Breaches of this trust could result in our inability to hold more summits. We take these breaches extremely seriously and are taking actions to reinforce our policies with those invited to these internal meetings.”

Exactly what Bungie plans to do about these leaks remains unknown, but it wouldn’t be surprising if the studio tightens its grip on community summits, and starts being even more proactive when going after anyone that breaks an NDA, much like how Bungie continues to enforce against Destiny 2 cheaters.

Destiny 2 community manager Liana Ruppert also commented on Bungie’s statement, encouraging anyone in the community under an NDA to honour the contract they’ve signed.

Bungie asks trust be "honoured" as Destiny 2 leaks harm everyone: community manager Liana Ruppert's statement on the season 21 leaks

“We want you to succeed,” Ruppert says. “I’ve seen so many creators lose entire brands because of one decision. If you’re under NDA, no matter the nature, honour that. Don’t show your friends, no matter how much you think you can trust them.”

Destiny 2 leaks aren’t exactly new, but Bungie might be looking to start going wild with the ban hammer now that such a prominent leak has come from inside the house. If you’re excited for Destiny 2 season 21 though and want to get prepared, this Destiny 2 Lightfall Steam sale also includes a deal on the Annual Pass, which offers up seasons 20 to 23, and you’ve got a few more days to get in on it.

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