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RIP to this short-lived Destiny 2 Legendary Shard cheese

A Destiny 2 Legendary Shard cheese let players dismantle a gear piece for a greater return, but Bungie disabled it within hours of players discovering it.

Don't miss out on this Destiny 2 Legendary Shard cheese: Three characters celebrate in the 2022 Guardian Games.

A Destiny 2 Legendary Shard cheese that let you dismantle Guardian Games gear pieces from 2022 in exchange for what amounts to a greater output than you paid for it was promptly disabled by Bungie, taking away Destiny 2 players’ opportunity to earn endless Legendary Shards and Glimmer in Bungie’s space-themed FPS game.


Legendary Shards are an essential form of currency in Destiny 2 and are required for all kinds of in-game actions, such as engram focusing and armour upgrading. While players can earn these shards from random loot drops, hardcore grinders or those who prefer to hoard weapons may not always have extra in their inventories.

The cheese, which was not technically an exploit but leveraged an in-game mechanic to seemingly provide a greater return than Bungie may have intended, worked only if players had a piece of gear from the 2022 Guardian Games.

Don't miss out on this Destiny 2 Legendary Shard cheese: The scenic backdrop of the Guardian Games.

Players could go into their collections and then into the armour tab, where they could select the option for Events. They could then scroll through to find a class item with the word ‘Medal’ in it for any Destiny 2 classes, signifying that they earned it during the 2022 Guardian Games. For a cost of 777 Glimmer, they could get a copy of that armour piece. This number represents an ongoing Bungie so-called ‘obsession’ with the number seven as it repeatedly appears in many of its games and documentation, and even represents Bungie Day on July 7 each year.

Since they could dismantle each piece for four Legendary Shards and 250 Glimmer, it was briefly possible to collect and dismantle as many of these as they wanted as long as they had Glimmer to do so. While you would go into a Glimmer deficient doing this, it costs only 10 Legendary Shards to purchase 10,000 Glimmer from Rahoul, a vendor in the Tower, therefore providing players with an endless supply of Legendary Shards and Glimmer.

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In dismantling the pieces, players would also rank up with the game’s Gunsmith, allowing them to earn even more weapons to dismantle for Glimmer and Legendary Shards.

Unfortunately, as news of the cheese started to spread, Bungie quickly caught on and disabled the ability to acquire the pieces of loot needed to take advantage of the cheese.

“Due to an issue, we have disabled the ability to reacquire 2022 Guardian Games class items from Collections,” the official Bungie Help Twitter account tweeted just hours after players exposed the exploit.

RIP to this short-lived Destiny 2 Legendary Shard cheese: A tweet from Bungie desciribing that the company has disabled the ability to get the item in question due to the cheese.

At least some people were able to stock up on shards and Glimmer, and with Destiny 2 season 21 coming up fast, we hope they’re living large and using that moolah to obtain the multiplayer game‘s best weapons and armour available.