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Destiny 2 Perdition - where to find Europa’s tricky Lost Sector

The Lost Sector doesn't appear on your map at first, so it can be tricky to spot


Destiny 2 Perdition is a Lost Sector on Europa that’s not marked on your map, at first. Lost Sectors can be tricky enough to stumble across even when they are, so you can see why a few people may be struggling to find this one. This certain Lost Sector also proves necessary as you’ll need to find it for a quest for Varkis. At some point, he’ll ask you to go there to clear out the rooms, beat the boss, and snag the leg armour.

Before you head to the Lost Sector, though, we would suggest some levelling up. The recommended light level is 1200, so – to put it lightly – the enemies do pack a punch. Thankfully, though, players have already discovered a fast way to hit the Destiny 2 soft cap. Head to EDZ, clear out the Widow’s Walk Lost Sector, and then rinse-and-repeat. We’re not sure if it’s glitched, but the rewards are oddly good.

Once you’re buffed up and ready to go, you can head over to Europa to seek out this tricky to find location. Speaking of, here is where you can find Destiny 2’s Perdition Lost Sector.

Where is Destiny 2 Perdition?

You can find Destiny 2’s Perdition Lost Sector by touching down in Carron’s Crossing on Europa and heading north to Cadmus Ridge. Once you’re there, head north again and then right before you get to the exit of the area. You’ll know you’re going in the right direction if you find the Lost Sector sign on the side of an ice wall. The symbol is typically white, but it’s gold on Europa to help it stand out.

Once you find it, stumble on in and light everything up with whatever weapon you care to use in that given moment. The enemies are a wee bit tough, but if you’ve boosted your light level, you should be just fine.

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