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All Destiny 2 lost Ghost locations

One of the seasonal challenges for week one is to recover three lost Ghosts in Destiny 2 and return them to the Arbor of Light. Here's how.

Destiny 2 ghost hovers above the floor sending instructions to find lost Ghosts

Where do you find lost Ghosts in Destiny 2? The ability to track lost Ghosts won’t be immediately obvious until after you’ve completed all of The Final Shape’s campaign. With the (re)introduction of Micah-10, the Guardian will send you on tracking missions to find lost Ghosts.

These lost Ghosts can be taken back to the Arbor of Light for rewards and to progress the week one seasonal challenge Spirit Guide. The latest Destiny 2 expansion sees you wrestling the best Destiny 2 Prismatic builds to take on The Witness once and for all, with some new The Final Shape Exotics as tasty rewards for completing the campaign on Legendary difficulty.

Destiny 2 lost Ghost locations

The lost Ghost location missions are set across the Pale Heart destination, and will be designated by Micah-10 once you begin the Ergo Sum Exotic quest. We’ve split them into their individual sections so you can easily refer to the one you’re seeking out. After retrieving the lost Ghost you can return them to Micah-10 to heal them and earn rewards.

Destiny 2 lost ghost locations: convalescence

Convalescence: Rootbound lost Ghost location

Head to The Forgotten Deep lost sector. Use the icon on the map which indicates the rough search area, and follow the navigation markers to get to the general location of the Rootbound lost Ghost.

Proceed through the lost sector as normal, and look for the glowing Ghost between a large tree and the platform which should have the well of green light on it. When near the Ghost, hit ‘E’ to interact with it and then return to the Arbor of Light to get your reward.

Destiny 2 Convalescence lost Ghost map

To heal the Convalescence: Rootbound Ghost you need to open chests to earn Flickering Blessings, play the new Overthrown public event in the Pale Heart, and then follow the bird through The Refraction until you reach a cyst called Sword Dance. This is a short encounter that grants you a Hive sword to shatter crystals and damage enemies. When the cyst is complete, the Ghost has been healed, and you should return to the Arbor of Light one final time.

The Illusion lost Ghost location

This damaged Ghost’s marker directs you to the Sanctum of the Blood Queen in Savathun’s Throne World on Mars. Head to the area where you fight Savathun in the expansion’s final boss fight.

Walk past the statues in the center and look for the tiered wall behind them, between two tunnels. Against the wall, at ground level directly behind the lantern, is the Illusion lost Ghost.

When we’ve found more of the lost Ghosts, we’ll update this guide with their locations, but so far it seems that they’re confined to lost sectors on the Pale Heart. With the first seasonal challenge requiring three to be found, bookmark this page for the other two locations in the very near future.

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