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Destiny 2 new episode release date, seasonal activity, latest news

We have all the information you need on the new Destiny 2 episode, including exotic weapons, story beats, and all the buffs and nerfs.

When is the next Destiny 2 episode? Our band of Guardians has been through a lot recently; we finally faced off against the Witness and, eventually, took it down for good. The future of Destiny is nowhere near the end though, as we’ve got three episodes this year to tackle, and we’re heading to Nessus first.

In an attempt to gear up for the new Destiny 2 episode, we have guides on the best Destiny 2 classes and the best Destiny 2 builds, as well as a specific one for Destiny 2 prismatic builds, so no matter what you do, you’ll crush it. With a new episode comes new activities, a lovely chunk of story, and new weapons we can play with. Here’s everything we know about what comes next during The Final Shape.

Destiny 2 new episode release date

The next episode of Destiny 2, Echoes, will begin on June 11, 2024. This was confirmed when The Final Shape was released and is further solidified in-game.


Episodes are a movement away from the traditional Destiny 2 seasonal format. They last longer, and are more integral to the expansion’s storyline. Previously, seasons could feel a little disjointed, and hard to keep up with if you missed a week or two. With the episodic format, Bungie hopes to reinvigorate its offerings.

Destiny 2 echoes: Nessus is transformed

Destiny 2 Echoes storyline

Echoes sees us heading to Nessus to deal with a direct result of the mammoth battle with the Witness that was the finale to The Final Shape’s campaign. All of the Darkness that was holding this big bad enemy together exploded upon its defeat, colliding with the Light that was manifesting inside the Witness. That collision created an explosion and the Echoes were spread across the game’s Sol system.

The new Destiny 2 enemy in Echoes the new episode

The first one we find landed on Nessus, and has transformed the planet. It’s changed the entire thing into something it’s not supposed to be. The planet’s Vex inhabitants are acting a bit strangely. We work alongside Failsafe (remember that?) to deal with the threat.

We’re going to head into the core of Nessus to uncover ancient secrets and meet a new enemy that is “able to do things that we have not encountered in an enemy before.” We don’t know the name of this enemy just yet, but all will be revealed as Echoes progresses week by week.

Destiny 2 echoes breach executable activity

Destiny 2 Echoes activity

To address the threat of the spreading Echoes is a new three-person activity called Breach Executable. You’ll head to a large arena to face off against bosses and cap off huge geysers of radiolaria. Nessus has been transformed and things that once only inhabited the Vex network are leaking into the real world. It’s our job to stop it.

The new armor for Destiny 2 Echoes

Destiny 2 Echoes armor

The new armor for Destiny 2 introduced in the Echoes episode is a very streamlined, Vex network-inspired armor set. Hunters have a sleek cape, metal shoulder pads, and an almost cage-like helmet. Titans have the most metal of the three, and retain their reputation as the most hench of the classes. Warlocks have a large, wide helmet combined with flowing robes and a glowing bond that looks as though it could be a Vex eyeball.

Destiny 2 Revenant episode release date

The next episode of Destiny 2, Revenant, will be released on Tuesday, October 8, 2024. This is confirmed in-game with a countdown to each episode.

It was further confirmed in a short showcase that Bungie premiered following the fall of the Witness in June 2024.

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Destiny 2 Revenant story

Revenant is going to be very Fallen-themed. After the loss of Riis, the Fallen don’t have a home planet anymore. Revenant will have dark fantasy themes and reintroduce Guardians to slaying vampires with a touch of Splicer thrown in. As the player, you take on the role of the Slayer Baron. We learn that in Eliksni culture, this role was reserved for the most renowned of monster hunters. Bungie says it took “a hard lean into the vampire hunter fantasy” and the imagery we’ve seen so far certainly reflects that.

Revenant will introduce a potion crafting system. Combat potions will directly boost your artifact while loot potions give you agency over the rewards you’re chasing. Bungie wants to roll this approach out over year ten, giving the player more choice. Fikrul is back, and he has moved into an Awoken watchtower. “We took a lot of inspiration from horror for that one,” Bungie says.

Destiny 2 Heresy release date

The third episode of Destiny in year 10, Heresy, will be released on February 10, 2025. This was confirmed in-game via a countdown to each  episode.

It was further confirmed in the June 2024 showcase, which also told us a bit about the story, armor, and new activities coming to Destiny 2 over the next year.

Destiny 2 Heresy dreadnaught

Destiny 2 Heresy story

Heresy will deal with the Hive Pantheon and approaching new, interesting revelations. “We want to take the Hive Pantheon and shake up the snowglobe,” says Bungie. It wants to test the known relationships of the Hive as we know it. A new eldritch force will shake things up and take us back to the Dreadnaught – a huge Hive ship that is said to be getting a new purpose in Heresy.

Destiny 2 Heresy new armor

The weapons are peeling back to reveal a new, spooky, bony front. There are two armor sets confirmed for Heresy. One is very aligned with Eris Morn, and the other is a Dreadnaught navigator-themed set. If you were a fan of The Coil you’ll be a fan of the Dreadnaught’s activity.

“We haven’t seen anything like this in Destiny before,” says Bungie. Well neither have we, and we’re excited about it.

That’s everything we know about the new Destiny 2 episodes so far. If you’re still playing catch up in The Final Shape, we have the Salvation’s Edge raid guide, as well as a guide on how to get the Khvostov Exotic, because it’s a little tricker than we were expecting!