Destiny 2 rainbow transmat is free as devs confirm 5 queer characters

A new Destiny 2 rainbow transmat is free for all players in honour of National Coming Out Day, as the Bungie team confirms 5 more characters as LGBTQ+

Destiny 2 rainbow transmat is freeas devs confirm 5 queer characters: An image of Nimbus, who will join the game in the forthcoming Lightfall expansion, in front of the yellow and purple signifying nonbinary pride.

In honour of National Coming Out Day, which took place on Oct 11, Bungie is offering a free Destiny 2 rainbow transmat to the community. The developer has also confirmed five of the FPS game’s characters’ LGBTQ+ gender identities or sexual orientations via colourful wallpaper images.

In a blog post, Bungie explained why Coming Out Day was particularly important within the community surrounding its popular space game and beyond.

“The act of coming out is not limited to a single day, a single month, or even a single year. It is a journey whose only destination is to be your truest self, and no matter where you are on your path, you deserve to shine,” the blog post reads. “We’re proud today to release the End of the Rainbow transmat effect permanently for all players to give a venue for that shine, and we’re further pleased to also share a special wallpaper set spotlighting several of Destiny 2’s queer characters.”

Players can get the rainbow transmat free by visiting this page and using the code R9J-79M-J6C. Officially called End of the Rainbow, the transmat features the player materialising from the end of a colourful rainbow and doing a spin once they’ve landed in place.

The wallpapers feature five of the game’s characters amidst the backdrop of colours representing various Pride flags.

The first one shown features Saint-14, who runs Trials of Osiris, with the rainbow colouring of the original pride flag. Back in 2020, a Destiny 2 writer confirmed Saint-14’s romantic relationship with Osiris, the Warlock and former Vanguard leader whose storyline is integral to the progression of Destiny 2.

Another shows Eramis, the recently unfrozen Eliksni leader, with the colours of the lesbian flag. According to Destiny 2 lore, Eramis had a wife and “made many hatchlings together,” which some have interpreted to mean same-sex reproduction is possible among the species.

A third shows Mara Sov with the colours of the bisexual flag. While it was already canon that she had a lover named Sjur Eido, known to be a woman, this is the first time Bungie has revealed the Awoken queen’s sexual orientation. Many Destiny lore enthusiasts have speculated that she had a romantic relationship with Lord Shaxx, but that appears to be a clouded interpretation of what the lore actually implied.

The fourth wallpaper depicts Nimbus, who will join the game as a proper character with the Lightfall expansion as part of a race called the Cloud Striders. Nimbus stands under the colours of the nonbinary flag, and a Bungie employee confirmed the character will use they/them pronouns. To learn more about what players can expect in the forthcoming expansion, check out our guide covering the Lightfall release date, new subclass and map details.

The final card shows the Drifter under the colours of the pansexual pride flag, attesting to the fact that he feels an attraction to people without regard to their gender. Although he presently has a flirtatious relationship with Eris Morn, this is the first time Bungie has offered any definitive statement on his sexual orientation.

These aren’t the game’s only openly LGBTQ+ characters. Oryx, the boss of the King’s Fall raid, is transgender and transitioned from female to male. Devrim Kay has a husband named Marc, and Ana Bray had a known relationship with another woman. The game narrative also insinuates that Hawthorne is a lesbian and that Uldren Sov (now Crow) was involved in a same-sex relationship. There are also several lore references to such relationships among fallen researchers and Guardians.

In recent years, Bungie has taken strides to celebrate diversity among its characters and those within its community. When developers feature relationships and gender identities of all types, they also signal to players everywhere that the community accepts them as they are. In an industry with a history of toxicity, valuing inclusivity goes a long way in granting players the freedom to be themselves in game worlds and in real life.